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Which was your favorite year (baseball-wise) of the last decade?

Favorite year of the decade?  

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  1. 1. What was your favorite year (baseball-wise) of the last decade?

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2012 - on the whiteboard in my cubicle at work I had a daily countdown of how many wins were needed to clinch a .500 record for the season.  To finally not have a losing record after so long was just a sense of relief to have broken the streak. 

I didn't vote for 2014 simply due to being swept in the ALCS.  While it was fantastic to be so good in the regular season that year, it just ended the year on such a down note with the ALCS that I don't reflect back on that year as being all that  much fun in the end.  In 2012 I knew deep down they weren't as good as the Yankees, so that ending wasn't quite as demoralizing as losing to the Royals in 2014.

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Obviously 2012 was great, but I liked in 2014 the most because we were cocky good. Nothing was better then having a lead in the 7th and being able to say “Miller Time”.  

We were just dominant and then ran into a white hot KC team. 

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3 minutes ago, El Gordo said:

Other.  I liked 2013 


It was a pretty fun year through Sept. 18.    As of that day we were one game behind the second wild card.     Then we lost 6 straight, 2 by walk-off vs. Tampa, and that was all she wrote.    Manny screwed up his knee in that Tampa series landing awkwardly on 1B, and needed knee surgery.   All in all, 2013 had its moments but I don’t think it comes close to the three playoff seasons, because of how it ended.   

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2012 will forever hold a special place in my heart. It hold special value because it was completely unexpected. A friend and myself was having a conversation about the last game of 2011 when Andino hit that game-winner to eliminate the Redsox. We were like "I wish this celebration was for us going to the playoffs or World Series instead of this meaningless win". And then bam... 2012 happened. What a ride!

2014 just breaks my heart.

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