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5 hours ago, tntoriole said:

Chuck Thompson’s is the only voice I hear from way back on those summer afternoons with a transistor radio sitting on the picnic table in my back yard while my family eats crabs. 

He was the Orioles and the Colts.   “Unitas...Berry....touchdown” was as iconic as “Go to war, Miss Agnes!”  

His speech on being inducted into Cooperstown was as beautiful and warm as the man himself.  That he considered himself a friend to all his listeners.

He was. 



Ain't the beer cold!

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11 hours ago, Number5 said:

Ain't the beer cold!

In the late 90s I was driving on the beltway up around Security Boulevard/Liberty Road area and I passed Chuck Thompson.   He was driving a big old Lincoln Continental or Cadillac or something of that ilk.

And his license plate frame on the back said "Ain't the beer cold".

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    • That's why people get nostalgic about the pre-free agency days.  There was no discussion of player retention beyond "is he still a positive for the team?"  If yes, then keep him. But I've long since made peace with the fact that the old setup is both awful for players and never, ever coming back.  While fans loved having Mike Cuellar for eight years on absurdly team-friendly terms, maybe Mike Cuellar would have liked some say in where he played and for how much.  And I don't blame him one bit.
    • I’m very jealous of anyone who has a pension as opposed to (or in addition to) a 401 k type plan.    One of the real perks of being a government worker, for example.   I’ve made a nice living as a lawyer but what I’ve saved is what I’ve got coming to me, and nothing else.    My firm won’t be paying me a dime after I retire.   
    • I could see Buck steering the ship for couple years while the Astros deal with the ramifications of this scandal. I think the last thing the Astros want to do here is go with an unknown quantity. 
    • I know it seems counterintuitive, since there are 27 outs in a game and only 4-5 runs scored on average, so that seems like more like .2 runs per out.    But have a look at this base-out matrix, which shows the expected number of runs scored in an inning depending on which bases are occupied and how many outs there are.   This matrix is based on actual game data, not theory.   https://www.google.com/amp/s/thebaseballscholar.com/2017/08/14/sabermetrics-101-re24/amp/ Let’s take the simplest example, the leadoff batter.    If he grounds out (so now it’s bases empty, one out), the expected runs in the inning are .243.    If he’s safe at first (so runner on first, nobody out), the expected runs are .831.    So, the increase in expected runs between making that play or not is .590.      There are other situations on the chart where the differential is higher or lower than that.    On the high side, let’s say you’ve got runners on 1st and 2nd and one out.    Make a play there to record an out and hold the runners, and the expected runs are only .343.    Fail to make that play and so it’s bases loaded and only one out, and the expected runs increase to 1.520. Anyway, someone did a weighted average of all these scenarios and came up with .6 for an average.    If I remember correctly.       
    • Connolly was and apparently still is literally Buck's PR man, so I'm not surprised by his thoughts on this matter. 
    • Dan Connolly has a good column in The Athletic about it.   He said that a few weeks ago, he would have thought the Astros were the LAST team that would ever consider hiring Buck for the reasons you give.   And that those reasons still exist.   But in terms of taking over leadership of a talented team in crisis, in terms of making sure no further cheating takes place and protecting the integrity moving forward, suddenly he MIGHT be the best guy they could bring in.   It's a good read.
    • I was single for a while in 2010.  4 different women made me watch "He's just not that into you" with them and 1 made me watch "Eat Pray Love".    And I even watched "Sex and the City 2" a couple of times.   Let me tell you Sex and City 2 is not a good movie by anyone's viewpoint.   If I could get through them a wife should be able to make it through a war movie here or there. 
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