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Bundy traded to Angels for Isaac Mattson, Kyle Bradish, Zach Peek, and Kyle Brnovich

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32 minutes ago, 7Mo said:

I feel really good about the idea that we turned Bundy into 3 names on that list, all with many years of control left, instead of trading a former All Star starter for one guy who is likely to wind up being a pretty good back end of the pen guy and an outfielder who may not make their roster.

You say 3 so you value Clase above any of the Angels 4 but our guys are young enough that I feel good about betting the upside plus volume. And Kluber sure seemed more valuable as a chip than Bundy.

I know you liked Reed but I don't have faith that he'll ever hit. Thanks for your thoughts.

I liked Reed as the 10th best Rule 5 guy and he’s not one of those guys who just isn’t ready as much as a guy who probably will never hit.

Bundy got a little more than Kluber IMO, Clase is relief only, but I’d have him 3rd because he’s a guaranteed ready now Role 40 reliever with a great chance to be a 45, and a decent chance to be a 50/55 (closer). So like a 45. You could argue him above Wilson, if you think he’s a sure late inning type. 

But the Orioles got two 40+ guys (Bradish and Peek), a 40 and a 35+. Bradish and Peek both have a reasonable ceilings as rotation pieces. It’s all about development. I do think Brnovich and Peek were underdrafted, so it’s kind of deceiving if you just look at their draft positions.

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On 12/10/2019 at 8:35 PM, TonySoprano said:

Could be more

On 12/10/2019 at 7:41 PM, Frobby said:

$9 million?     I’m amazed by that.   To think a few days ago people were talking about us signing him for about one-fifth of that.   

I did say there was no way he was signing for less than 5 million a year.  I didn’t understand why people thought he could be had for a million.  .

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    • I'm glad to see him working to improve.  That said, I think he's still a 1B/DH at the end of the day.  That's not a bad thing, it's just that the team needs to make a decision on whether his bat will justify moving Mancini or Nunez.  I don't see room for all three of them.
    • He does look more fluid in LF than Trumbo for sure, but doesn't have Trumbo's arm. 
    • Today it’s freezing by FL standards and in the way to the fields coach Tim DeJohn and I compared layers.  He told me where and when they’d be doing high rate double play drills today, field 2 if you’re around.  The players did a great short burst explosion contest this morning and I’ll go through my footage.  Highlights include JC Encarnacion beating Mason Janvrin who gets to top speed in 2-3 strides.   Right now they’ve moved to sliding drills.  I don’t want Ripken or Zach Jarrett coming for my legs!  I’ll have more soon.
    • Yeah, possibly.  Mountcastle is not a bad athlete but he doesn't throw well.  I wanted them to try him at 2B for a while, since he started out at SS/3B.  I think he could become a solid LF.  That bat though, loudest MiLB bat I ever heard.
    • We would have enough kits but the ones we have are not reliable. New York City and New York State are developing their own tests to detect the coronavirus amid issues with a test developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Buzzfeed News reported.  Earlier this month, the CDC released a genetic test in the US for the virus, which was sent to approximately 100 state and city labs, in addition to overseas sites. However, the test’s results were proven unreliable, and fewer than a dozen labs produced definite results, according to the report.   https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/other/485106-new-york-making-its-own-coronavirus-test-after-botched-cdc-testing
    • Is a potential all star closer (Harvey) not more valuable than a potential back of rotation starter (Akin/Kremer)? I guess both of those guys could end up as #3’s but it just seems that Harvey at this point is closer to reaching that ceiling. 
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