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    • o   Keep in mind that when I post radio interviews of Tony Pente and Roy Firestone, I am paraphrasing ...... subsequently, there may be a thing or two in my transcriptions that may be somewhat amiss.   o
    • Road Map to contention - through 16 ish games: Athletics 13-6 (.684) Yankees 12-6 (.667) Rays 11-8 (.579) Orioles 9-7 (.563) Tigers 9-7 (.563) White Sox 10-9 (.526) Indians 10-9 (.526) Rangers 8-9 (.471) Astros 8-10 (.444) Royals 8-11 (.421) Blue Jays 6-9 (.400) Angels 7-12 (.368) Mariners 7-13 (.350) Red Sox 6-12 (.333) Remaining games (as of now?) 3 vs ATL 7 vs BOS 4 vs NYM 8 vs NYY 3 vs PHI 7 vs TB 10 vs TOR 4 vs WAS (1 partial w/ lead) I believe .500 ball from here on will certainly get the Orioles into the playoffs.  Over half the teams in the AL will.  I thought Miami would be one of the few easy spots on the schedule but it ended up being crazy scheduling and the team went 0-4 against them.  Note they also lost both games against the Yankees during make up for the Marlins.  In games played as scheduled, the team is 9-1.  
    • Thank you for posting this interview. I missed it this time. I was a little bit surprised about the comments about Cisco behind the plate. I thought I heard the other night he ranked 8th behind the plate in pitch framing. He seems okay to me. He has less passed balls than Severino who seems to have one every game. 
    • o   (vs. PHILLIES, 8/13)   He's in the lineup this afternoon ........   In Need of Clutch Hitting, Phillies to Call Up Top Prospect Alec Bohm (By Scott Lauber) https://www.inquirer.com/phillies/philadelphia-phillies-alec-bohm-joe-girardi-20200813.html   o
    • o   (vs. MARLINS, 8/04)   Eshelman faced 11 batters, and got 10 outs. He ceded 1 solo Home Run over 3.33 innings Pitched. He Walked 1, and recorded 1 Strikeout.   Overall, it was a good job of eating innings in what was very likely going to be a team loss when he entered the game.   o
    • Oh, I don’t disagree with you one bit, I think Aiken should start. I would love to give him a start, and Lowther too. Maybe Zimmerman.  I do not see any reason why Eshelman should start, and you misunderstood what I said. I was only saying that the guys in charge know more than I do and they have their reasons. I am giving them a bit of the doubt in assuming that their reasons are defensible, Because I cannot think of any reason on my own, why Eshelman is starting. Maybe he married the bosses daughter?   edit: I don’t think pitch count means anything here, whoever starts isn’t going to go more than ~70 pitches anyway.
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