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Greg Pappas

CFP: Who wins the two playoff games and the title thereafter?

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    • Watching the O's against the Rays and now the Astros shows just how far they are from being competitive.  They are not even close right now and don't have the firepower in the minors yet.  We really need pitching along with LF, 2B, 3B, and SS help.  We're still in the "building young player depth" phase right now.  It is disappointing and frustrating, but that's where we're at.  I was hoping 2022 might start to turn the corner but it won't be at least until 2023 before we see significant improvement at the big league level.  No first round picks in 2014 and 2016 set this re-build back.
    • What are the chances we see Mickey Jannis called up to work out of the bullpen? And I fully admit it's because I want to see a knuckleball pitcher on the team.
    • If Lopez can consistently give you 65 good pitches, which he apparently can based on this season, He is a perfect piggyback starter, and I just cannot fathom why they haven’t heard him with another guy who can go 50 pitches, to make a workable tandem.
    • I don’t understand the logic in the promotions or non-promotions. The guys who are next up for the rotation are not Elite prospects. Even if they’re bad, the fans would much rather watch them be bad then guys like Harvey or Eshelman. Every time the question is discussed here,  The only explanations offered are service time, Somebody has to eat innings, and we don’t care about wins, but all of those are flawed arguments. It is easy to align a throwing schedule with the next available start, so that’s not a viable defense either. It is actually good for the team to see what this second tier guys offer. If Wells has possibilities, for Pete’s sake’s let him audition now. Even if Lowther is no better than Akin Let’s find out now, and so on. There is no justification for keeping Harvey around any more than there was for keeping LeBlanc. I wish the beats would ask that question and not accept the typical non-answer.
    • Beat me to it. This team is starting Steve Wilkerson, Maikel Franco and Pedro Severino almost everyday. The lowest ERA of any current active starter is 5.95. The bullpen has three relievers with an ERA under 4.07. Pat Valaikia has the most PAs at 2B and has a .529 OPS. No outfielder has an OPS over .700 besides Cedric Mullins.  Outside of that we're probably just cursed. lol  
    • Yep, he hasn't hurt us or cost us a game this year.   At worst he's taken a roster spot that some slightly less bad reliever might have taken.   But we can't DFA him until after the season if we want to keep him. The decision to keep him or not will be based in entirely on how he projects in the minds of Elias and company, not how he pitches now.
    • Maybe not, but I also worry about how much of his immense 2021 gains will evaporate without whatever it is that he has been putting on his fingers. If we could get a Bedard-like deal for him right now, I think it is something that should be considered very seriously, especially since being competitive by 2023 seems more and more like a pipe dream with the early returns (or lack thereof) on the first batch of prospects like Akin, Kremer, Zimmerman, Lowther, etc. Hell, I would even consider selling high on Mullins at this point. Between Means, Mancini, Mullins, and Fry, and the virtually unprecedented rate of injuries this year, we could absolutely clean up at the deadline with an eye on 2023 or, more realistically, 2024.
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