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White Sox 2020

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The White Sox certainly are having an interesting offseason:

- Re-signed Jose Abreu (3/$50 mm)

- Signed Yasmani Grandal (4/$73 mm)

- Signed Dallas Keuchel (3/$55.5 mm)

- Signed Edwin Encarnacion (1/$12 mm)

- Signed Gio Gonzalez (1/$5 mm with 2021 option)

- Re-signed James McCann (1/$5.4 mm)

- Gave long term deal to Luis Robert (6/$50 mm with two $20 mm options).    

In addition to that group, they have budding star Yoan Moncada under control for four years, Eloy Jimenez signed last year to a six year deal (now five remaining) for $43 mm and two options ($16.5 and $18 mm), Tim Anderson signed for three more years plus two club options ($12.5 and $14 mm) and Lucas Giolito coming into his own with four years of control remaining.      It sure looks like the White Sox window is about to open and stay open for a nice stretch.   

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A nice Givens spot.

They had a high Machado bid (including Yonder Alonso soft sell) last offseason - I think there was a colorful report the GM was on a golf cart or something when Padres Machado broke, to the team's consternation.  I wonder if they're happy now about how it worked out.

They've succeeded with Eloy and Robert - Madrigal next.  If they don't get Madrigal done, that'll be a fun Kris Bryant-ish cat and mouse to watch in March and April.  They could browse the Dozier/Asdrubal/Wilmer 2B tier if they want a little more cover.

Before they got Encarnacion, I thought some Incaviglia-style quick to bigs for Andrew Vaughn may have been in play this summer.

The White Sox and Angels may be refuges that aren't too offensive to semi-cheer for while waiting out the last couple years of return to relevance.

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