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Report: Red Sox used replay room to steal signs in 2018 season

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Report: Red Sox used replay room to steal signs in 2018 season




The Boston Red Sox used their video replay room to steal signs from opposing pitchers and catchers during their 2018 World Series championship season, according to a report published Tuesday by The Athletic.

Citing three anonymous people who were with the Red Sox in 2018, The Athletic reported that Boston players would visit the replay room to decipher their opponents' sign sequence and then relay the information to the dugout.

Someone from the Red Sox dugout would then communicate with a baserunner, who would use body movements to relay pitch information to the batter.


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18 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Well, I guess it’s OK now that it’s the Red Sox.   

I'm sure the Dodger fan are handling the news much better this time around.

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18 hours ago, Frobby said:

Fangraphs’ Jake Mailhot estimates the Ted Sox sign stealing system was worth about 5 wins to them in 2018.    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/how-much-did-the-red-sox-benefit-from-their-sign-stealing-scheme/

I'm unconvinced.  He's taking one year's worth of data and not really doing any comparisons to anyone else.  He's inferring from the fact that the 2018 Red Sox hit well with runners on second that the entire sign stealing scheme was worth 50 runs.  That's a stretch.  Teams have varying performances in splits every single year.  From '11-14 the Orioles had a mid-700s OPS with runners on 2nd.  From '15-17 they were in the mid-800s.  Did they have a sign stealing scheme going starting in '15?

What he should do is look at 10 years of data across all teams in the league and see if the 2018 Red Sox' variation in performance is a big outlier or unremarkable.  

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