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Greg Roman is most at fault

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On 1/13/2020 at 10:42 AM, Tony-OH said:

I've had time to digest everything and let the emotions cool off a bit, and after reading everything I think it's fair to say Greg Roman's offensive game plan was an utter disaster and was a huge part of the lack of offense by the Ravens.

Was Lamar at his MVP best. no, he was a little off on some throws, and of course we had multiple dropped passes, but at the end of the day, why did Roman change the formula that work so well all season? 

Forget the awful first half, let's start with the beginning of the second half where Lamar passed for 10 and ran for three in the first 14 plays? What in the actual hell was he thinking? Even if Ingram was not 100%, what did Edwards do not to get the ball? He touched the ball three times! Three freakin' times. Ricard was on the field for seven plays. Seven freakin' plays!

Instead you had Lamar throwing and running like there was no one else on the field. Was the Oline dominated at times, particularly on short yardage situations, sure. Where were the option plays that worked so well this season?

Vinny on 105.7 asked the question whether Roman was trying to impress the Browns by showing he could throw the ball around with Baker Mayfield. I don't know if that was the reason or not, but how are you so successful all year then change it and put up 12 points?

Harbaugh deserves some blame here to because he allowed this to happen. Typical Harbaugh who never steps in when his coordinators are putting up an egg and that's face it, Roman put up an absolute egg.

In my mind, Roman decided he was smarter than everyone and wanted to show he could throw the ball around as well as call running plays. Pees was ready and had a great game plan to contain Lamar and Roman never adjusted other than to throw the ball more or run Lamar.

With all the expectations with this team, this is one of the hardest losses to to take in Ravens history. Sure, I had blast this year and we'll always have the fun it was watching them during the regular season, but this loss definitely taints the legacy of this team and certainly continues to show Harbaugh's lack of ability to win playoff games since the Super Bowl.

Watching the Chiefs yesterday come back from a 24-0 deficit to beat the Texans shows what a well disciplined and well coached team can do. The Ravens, particularity Roman and Harbaugh panicked. They got behind and instead of going, "We know we are better, we just gotta get back to who we are," they panicked and tried to become the 1981 Chargers.

Did the defense get skunked a few times and were not effective at containing Henry, sure, but to put up 12 points with this offense is criminal and the main criminal was Roman. Maybe next time he'll focus on the job at hand and not his potential future job because games like this will be the reason he'll never get that job one day.

Never in my life have a seen a coach switch things so much after being so successful. Hopefully he'll learn from this but I'm not sure you can trust a guy after what he just pulled.

So KC had no trouble shutting Henry down. I’d say the defense and Martindale can take some blame for not taking away their biggest weapon 

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