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Adley Rutschman Gets Major League Camp Invite

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Its just a ST invite, a visible name for the fans to come see.

You need a ton of catchers for ST, and it gets his feet wet.

I wouldnt read too much more into it.


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Check the video clips in this article:   https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/adley-rutschman-power-display-spring

It was only a few hours later that Rutschman, as firmly as at any other point yet this spring, provided a glimpse of why the Orioles are so excited to have him. The reigning No. 1 overall MLB Draft pick and Baltimore’s No. 1 prospect, per MLB Pipeline, put on the type of show only spring can provide on Wednesday, impressing his coaches and teammates with several long home runs during batting practice on Field 3 of the Ed Smith Stadium complex.

Rutschman cleared the fence on multiple occasions with Orioles manager Brandon Hyde watching, finishing one round with back-to-back left-handed homers. One cleared the batter’s eye in center field, while another disappeared in the direction of the homes beyond the right-field fence.


The switch-hitting Rutschman capped his next round by dropping to one knee and crushing another homer right-handed.

“He’s fun to watch hit,” Hyde said. “I love the way he swings the bat from both sides of the plate. He has huge power.”

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    • I think that in most cases small market teams could hold onto their star players if they wanted to.
    • I feel like I have lost my mind even bringing it up as a conversation/kidding around. Imagine a 162 game season with 5 playoffs teams like normal. Would be 154 games left. Even as a joke nobody would bring it up.
    • I'm working on enjoying the moment but these wins are feeling a little bit Pyrrhic, as the risk of missing a shot at one more rare talent for the next good team's core group increases. I took a little comfort this weekend in that entering 1989 - with today's perspective I might have looked for a McDonald bookend, then we went and did all that winning and only got...Mike Mussina (but not Chipper Jones). It isn't that I want the team to lose, it is more that this team very likely ought to lose.  In 162, they would surely earn X for the peak Rutschman teams, but the circumstances of 2020 might conspire to block the org from having what it "deserves". But hey, if we can sweep the Rays, the Pirates can sweep the Twins, right?
    • Of course it’s way too soon. Just having a little fun. Like I said in 2 weeks we may be under .500 and headed towards 40 losses. 
    • It’s not 15% of the way through the season,  I know that much. I don’t think there’s a magic number but I do think that they are playing above their head right now. I also don’t think Lil Yaz is the best player in baseball.
    • https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29525916/what-2020-mlb-season-bring-all-30-teams  This article was printed on 7/29/20. From, The Tankers section at the bottom... "If the Orioles win the World Series, it won't be because they're secretly better than we thought, and they won't ask us to believe it. It'll just be chaos. We'll love it. ...No bad team has ever won, or will win, a World Series. Except this year, one might. As FanGraphs' playoff odds show, cutting the season from 162 games to 60 increased the Tigers' chances of making the playoffs by 20 times. And that was before they doubled the number of playoff teams. It's still unlikely that the Tigers will win the World Series, and the Orioles are so bad that in simulations their odds of making the playoffs barely moved at all. But this season, for the first time in major league history, teams like the Marlins, Orioles, Tigers, Mariners and Royals have actual chances. In a way, this is history, and the Orioles have a chance to make it." There was another article I read that I can't locate now that was actually insulting to the O's, but very funny too.  I think most of us get that dichotomy with our club over the past couple decades.  Anyway, it said of our chances something to the effect, "...seriously?!"  I laughed out loud. I'm glad so far that it hasn't turned out as bad as what was expected by the "experts."  At least it's fun to watch.  Go O's.  
    • Houston is a gargantuan sized market. 
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