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Bailey, Lakin and the sights and sounds of O's ST

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    • There will be many new norms learned from this by businesses.  I was reading about how workflows have streamlined in some industries because they’ve been forced to move everything between depts electronically. The article was specifically about tv show production (writers, producers, editors, graphics, animators, etc). It noted how much cheaper and time efficient things are now without the need for physical space. 
    • I think most O’s fans would like that option. There is a reason though that they haven’t yet gone that route; it’s not as profitable as the current situation.  It also would make situations like this even more economically devastating because they would lose all of their subscriber money. At least with cable they diversify by getting money from subscribers that stay on despite no sports.    This could go the other way too, where many people cancel Cable because there is no baseball and cable gets to see how many people really were only having cable for the baseball.  But will the casual fan realize they can live without it and not miss it. To be honest, it’s not really at the forefront of my mind these days. I’ve kind of just moved on to other things to occupy my time. Easier to do too when the O’s are going to be terrible too. 
    • So, it's Matrix Baseball and you are "the one"...
    • I was a big APBA guy.    Managed to play 64 games of the 1969 season for the entire AL one summer when all my friends seemed to be away.     I remember almost all the stats were very close to reality but for some reason Reggie Smith had about 25 homers after 64 games.   (In reality, he hit 25 homers over the full season.)   I think his card was on steroids!    Actually, there was nothing on his card that would lead to that kind of result, the dice just kept rolling in his favor.      
    • Or if they go bankrupt new owners could offer streaming services.
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