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Bailey, Lakin and the sights and sounds of O's ST

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    • No, 1978 is your thing.  I think I'll leave that to you.   Just when you kid don't make it an insult.
    • There a difference between a viable pick and a less risky pick.  If the Orioles are that comfortable with Gonzales despite having less solid information to go on, then pick him.  You can be the best player in the world and still be a 1998 Colorado Rockie.  But if you're trading for that guy you are taking on a lot of risk that he's not really the best guy, he just has gaudy Mile High numbers. When you say "..that the Orioles should never, ever select a player whose home park was a hitters park" you're underselling the case here.  Colorado is a hitter's park.  Fenway is a hitter's park.  Gonzales' hitting environment is twice that of the Rockies.  It's way, way, way beyond any environment that has ever existed in MLB history.  That inherently adds risk to the equation. This is like an NFL team drafting someone who has only played Arena Football. It's plausible he could be really good, but it's very hard to tell because the context is so out of whack.
    • I'd expect some slot savings if he is the pick.
    • Oh come on.  Your thing is to advocate for sweeping decisions to be made on 18 at bats.  After like 20 years we can kid you about it.  I'm sure you can come up with some kind of thing about random players from 1878 to make fun of me.
    • So there is something he could have possibly done that would have enabled you to consider him as a viable pick?  It sure doesn't sound like it.  Hey, I'm fine with you having the opinion that the Orioles should never, ever select a player whose home park was a hitters park.  I wouldn't share your opinion, but I certainly wouldn't begrudge you for holding it.  it's just that you aren't giving me any real reason to not consider this player, as I'm not predisposed to eliminate any player based solely on geography.  It would be entirely different, to my way of thinking, if there were any evidence whatsoever that he couldn't hit in a less hitter-friendly environment.  But there isn't.  When faced with those conditions, he's performed.  The guy has unquestionably stood out from all of the other players playing in the exact same environment, in my view, whether that be in New Mexico or Massachusetts.
    • Did you not hold Bob Milacki in high regard?  
    • Sounded like an insult to me.
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