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38% of the O's team could be over 30

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3 hours ago, wildcard said:

However, Elias has sent a 25  and 26 year old packing.   That would seem to mean he cares about how competitive the 2020 team will be.

I don't agree. It says he thinks there are better options on the 40-man roster and in their system that could be useful by 2022. The placeholders Elias has brought in effectively shield pitchers they think will be part of the future from taking on a workload that could be detrimental to that future. If Elias didn't think the two Rule 5 picks were part of the future, then it made no sense to keep them when they were probably not ready for the majors this year. 

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3 hours ago, wildcard said:

However, Elias has sent a 25  and 26 year old packing.   That would seem to mean he cares about how competitive the 2020 team will be.

I think it's just all about giving the prospects their development time. He can do that easier with a few cheap veteran guys than he can with Rule 5s. He's trading a bit of farm system boost (a gamble anyway) for a bit of security at the ML level in order to have flexibility and give guys like Akin more time. 

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1 hour ago, Moose Milligan said:

You're not sorry.

Nope, not one bit. 

So Givens turns 30 on May 13th. How 'bout we make the Orioles t-shirt giveaway (planned for the 12th) a cartoon of Givens walking with a cane, wearing high black socks, orthopedic shoes, and readers (with a chain) with our young prospects (Rutschman, Mouncastle, Diaz, Rodriguez, etc.) in the background shouting "OKBoomer!"


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I think this is part of the reason why I'm having a hard time maintaining my usual level of interest in this team. Knowing they are going to be bad, and knowing there aren't many players on the roster that will be here long term. It really makes it tough to watch on tv and even harder to drive up to the stadium and spend money. 

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    • Those 3 things do matter…but MD is the destination of those local kids.  Recruiting is so different now, especially with the power of social media.     There are tons of attractive urban areas, so that really isn’t much of a factor overall.  It may help vs some Midwest school in podunk but up against a lot of the power 5 teams, not as much. Lots of schools have top notch facilities.   I mean, look at their recruiting rankings. They have had 1 top 10 Class in the last decade.  They had more classes ranked outside the top 35 than inside the top 20.     Had you asked me 5+ years ago, I would have agreed it was a top 25 job.  It’s just not the case anymore.  
    • First of all, the current state of the program absolutely matters and it matters a hell of a lot more than MDs title in 2002. Would those schools out hire?  Maybe..money is important and the Terps haven’t had any. BTw, I meant Texas Tech, not Texas A&M.  Now, we will see what TT does after losing Beard but that’s been a really good program recently. FSU has been a far better program than MD for a solid 5-10 years.  It’s not close.  They have had several first round picks, highly ranked recruiting classes and lots of tourney success, not to mention being one of the winningest programs in the ACC. Your last sentence is just wrong.  The idea that you think it’s clear is absurd. They have limited recent success(especially in March), not much national appeal, no money and no real high end picks to point to in the league recently.     Like I said, the right coach can elevate the program back to what you are saying…but as we talk now, as the job is looked at by recruits, etc…it’s not there anymore.  Things can change.  
    • I'm pretty sure these guys call the Summer Eve's Douche Bowl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=522H44ddePQ
    • Being the number one destination by a long shot in an area with top 5 amateur talent still matters. Being in an attractive major urban area still matters. Having top notch facilities and fan base still matters. Leaving the ACC hurt the programs standing.  But there's a reason the school has had such sustained stretches of success in the past.  Even under Turgeon the team was generally a top 25ish team. If you get fired for being generally top 25ish, that's because people have higher expectations for the program.  And they should.  Because the school has all the advantages to be a top 20 team annually.   Now, that's not saying this hire will end up well for MD.  They could conceivably get worse.  But that won't be because of the program's potential.
    • I think you're looking at it the wrong way by placing too much emphasis on the current state of the program.  I of course don't think thry are currently a top-25 program.  But Maryland was able to lure away P5 coaches from schools that are on your list for their last 2 coaching hires, including during a time when they were facing NCAA sanctions.  On top of that, they were really close to luring away a coach (Sean Miller) from a program that I had listed as better than us.  That's fact, not theory.  I don't believe for a second that Turgeon's tenure here dropped the desirability of this job down to where we aren't still close to that level, nor do I think that the other schools closed the gap so significantly that we are worse than all of them.   Let's look at it another way.  If Iowa lost its coach and were looking for a coach this offseason, would they beat us out in terms of hires?  Would TAMU?   Would Alabama?  Would USC?  With Iowa and TAMU I feel very strongly thay they wouldn't. Especially since we already poached one coach from TAMU.  Alabama?  Maybe depending on how much a coach values environment over Benjamin's, but I also don't think Alabama would pay a coach top dollar unless it's someone like Nate Oats and has proven success with the program.  USC?  Only for someone who wants to be in LA.  FSU?  Absolutely not.  Auburn?  similar to Alabama IMO but maybe more tilted in favor of Auburn.  Arkansas?  Debatable as well.   Regardless there are enough schools on this list where I think Maryland comes out clearly ahead in this exercise that I feel comfortable putting this HC position as a top-25 job.
    • Well, Westry is out.  Smith hurt his ankle And Young was sick.  It could mean they just want more depth and that none of them are out. The McCrary thing is interesting.  Wonder if they give him carries tomorrow?
    • 2022 MLB Draft - Top 200 Prospects — Prospects Live   I posted this a month ago.  Check out his swing at No. 7.    
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