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Roster takes shape for Opening Day (Sim)

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23 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

He might not wanna open himself up for this amount of criticism.  Don't scare him off!

What'd be cool is if they had a famous games sub-game where you could dive into famous moments in history as the manager and take over.  Like, if you're in Game 6 of the 86 Series, you can pull Schiraldi.  Or, you know, you can put Britton in instead of Ubaldo...

Nah, it would totally cool if people start to question things. At least they would be reacting! Simming a season for a last place team will take  special kind of fan to follow! 

I think it will get more interesting when the minors start up in March 9th..

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43 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

Also try to boost his trade value. I doubt it's going to work though. Needs to be a matchup guy.

Yep, I would agree. My goal will be to move him once he has as much value as I can get for him.

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3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

I've already simmed the first game and let me tell you, when you see what happens, you will know how accurate this sim can be!


Actually kinda hoping you can somehow steer this team to 90 wins and the 2nd wildcard berth.  But I have a feeling that would be next to impossible.  

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I just saw this, and I strongly disagree with a couple of the roster choices. Haven’t read anybody else’s comments yet, but Holaday should be on, and Scott should be off. I think there was one other head-scratcher but I don’t recall at the moment.

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