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No minor league ball in 2020

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This isn't official but with the new proposal of the 2020 MLB season having no fans, I see no way that there is any question of not having a minor league season.  I'm curious if they will do anything with the organization this year, such as a quarantine camp or a fall ball type league in Florida and Az or if guys will lose year of development.  Also if they will pay players for lost season, and how many guys retire.

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2 hours ago, Frobby said:

I thought this was actual news.    

Soon will be.  Reporting it first. 

Seriously though, best case, as I stated Florida and AZ fall ball played in complexes, but no way they are sending kids across 40 some states, with testing and personnel involved.  Then with MLB proposal for 82 games with no fans and different states having different rules right now, the cost aspect is not worth it.  Minor League teams would need to be subsidized by MLB even more to operate at no profit, something I highly doubt MLB is willing to do already losing money from this virus.  

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    • No, but the salary cap makes things very wonky in the NBA and NHL. While the NFLs system really screws over the players. The only way I see the MLBPA giving into a salary cap is if they cut the years of control right in half.  Which would basically change strategy away from developing home grown talent. 
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