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Keegan Akin likes violently racist tweet

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2 minutes ago, interloper said:

If the agenda is calling out racism I'm good with that agenda. I definitely want to know if Orioles players are on the side of using the n word. Don't you? 

I don't care.

Words don't bother me overmuch.

Expressing an opinion about someone else's words bother me even less.


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    • I was never bothered.  Teams cheat, players cheat.  Baseball mostly doesn't care.
    • I'll bet you a 6 pack of your favorite beer that AR is not an MVP candidate (top 3 finish) during his tenure as a Baltimore Oriole.  Feel free to check back in after the Yankees sign him.
    • Yeah, I’m kinda over what happened with the Astros.  It would be funny to hear everyone cry about it. 
    • Simple over/under poll, closing Nov. 2.    The O’s 2020 record of 25-35 projects out to 67.5 wins over 162 games.    What’s your early take on whether they will be over or under that number next year? On the positive side, the O’s have improved their winning percentage fairly significantly in each of the last two years.   They’re a fairly young team that can get better with experience.    If they’re lucky, one of their best hitters (Mancini) comes back.    There are some prospects who can help the club next year, in addition to the guys who barely got their feet wet this year.   And, their Pythagorean record (28-32) was better than their actual mark. On the other hand, the O’s did not finish strong.   14-16 the first half, 11-19 the second.    Not a good trend there.   It’s not unusual for bad teams to wear down as the season progresses, and this year was so short that the decent start has outsized influence on the overall record.    I also think the expanded roster size worked to the O’s advantage, as they were able to shorten the starts, rely more on relievers and shuttle pitchers off and on the roster.    There will be less opportunity for that next year. So, what’s your early take?   Obviously there will be roster moves made in the next six months that will influence things, but I doubt we’ll see anything that dramatically changes the team.    
    • I’m pretty sure the Orioles failed to retire  Mookie Betts any times one year.
    • They already had Iglesias and I'd imagine he's more valuable here as an affordable, stabilizing veteran than what we could get for him. If the NL keeps the DH, they may have some interest in Nunez or maybe Alberto? Even so, I'm not sure either is a real huge upgrade that would net much more than a lottery pick. I'm fine with trading with the Reds, but I'm not targeting ready-now pitching, I'm targeting young toolsy players in hopes of developing a diamond in the rough. Ultimately, I like the pitching we have on the way for 2021 and want to see the kids get a chance as we inch our way towards contention in a few years.
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