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Austin Martin or bust!!!!

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I've decided that's who I want at #2.   Seems to have the most tools and talent.  Pitchers can get hurt, so we need to come away with a premium position player and top shelf bat.   I will be very disappointed if we take someone else....


Martin/Rutschman back to back in the batting order would be outstanding.....



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If they don't take Martin i’m only going to protest, my act of civil disobedience will be social distancing at only 5 feet away from people.
and i might even burn a Larry Harlow 1978 card, i have 12 of them and only pulled 1 Eddie Murray that year.

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    • Difference being, the home team was ahead in the Wrigley Field game.  To me, the grounds crew is the home team's responsibility.  If the home team is ahead or tied when such an incident occurs, suspend the game.  If the home team is behind - game over.  That is fair.
    • Yes.  Had to make it baseball related.  😉 And that's a sweet sample in that one, two actually. Prime '91 hip hop.
    • Did you intentionally spell Bass wrong so I'd be left scratching my head? Lol!
    • I was also under the impression that the lefty reliever was done. My recollection may not be accurate, but I think I remember that the Nats' manager had come out of the dugout to remove the lefty reliever, Freeman, and summon a new pitcher from the bullpen.  MASN broke for a commercial, and when they came back, the grounds crew was starting their misadventures with the tarp. Did the Nats actually remove Freeman from the game, or did the umps call for the tarp before the manager made his way out to the mound? If the manager told the ump that he was taking Freeman out, I would assume that whoever he had called for from the bullpen was officially in the game when it was halted, even though he never threw  a pitch, and that guy will be required to either finish the inning or face three batters when play resumes on Friday. One piece of good news for the Orioles - if they had resumed the game today after a rain delay and Fry's arm would have cooled down, Hyde almost certainly would have had to replace Fry when the bottom of the sixth started.  Now he will have the option of leaving Fry in the game if he so chooses.
    • Actually I don't believe I ever saw that one. Funny because I've seen almost all of their shorts over the years.
    • Yeah, I was confused by the interference call.  If Diaz was calling interference on the batter, the batter should be out, but he wasn't.  I didn't see umpire's interference, but perhaps that is what happened.  If the catcher's arm hits the umpire and the runner is safe, that is umpire's interference, and the runner is returned to first.  Had the runner been out, the umpires interference is waived off.
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