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2020 1st round pick (2): Heston Kjerstad - OF - (Junior) (Arkansas)

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5 minutes ago, wildcard said:

Gunnar Henderson,  Switchhitters - Rutschman and Santander.

Henderson hasn't grown into his power yet so he's an unknown. He very well may turn into a legitimate power hitter prospect, but for now, he's too raw to really say he's left-handed power in the system. Rutschman counts for sure despite being a switch-hitter. Santander is on the major league roster and doesn't really count as in the system but either way, while having pop, he doesn't have plus power.

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2 minutes ago, BohKnowsBmore said:

If he’s 2012-2016 Davis without the mega contract, then it’s an excellent pick. 

Well, I don’t know anything about the guy at all, I was actually surprised the draft is today.

In the past I have complained about drafting guys with one outstanding tool, and it would seem to me that when you’re picking in single digits in the draft, if you can’t find a guy with multiple outstanding tools, it’s a really bad draft. I don’t know how deep this draft is, and it’s frustrating to think that we have yet again prioritized offense and said, “we will let the defense take care of itself” how many left fielders do we have on this team already, and all of them terrible?

Yes if he duplicates Davis I will do a happy dance. And I have no idea whether he will or not. But for two overall, you better choose well.

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It will be intersting who signs this season.  If their is no minor leagues this year what is really the point of signing if you are not going to play anywhere.  We could see lot high school guys go Juco for next year in hope to get higher pick in next years draft.  They won’t lose much money either. 

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Just now, eddie83 said:

Hopefully they think his plate discipline is better than advertised. Considering how analytical we are, Martin aside they had to see something. 

He obviously isn’t going to get faster. 

Puts on tin foil hat:

Ownership mandated they they sign a left handed power bat to replace Davis.

Takes off tin foil hat, neatly folds it and puts it away.

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5 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

I gotta agree here. Hobgood was a out of nowhere risky high school pitcher overdraft reach. Kjerstad is a college lefty hitting power hitter with good college stats. We can argue whether he was the best available at #2 for sure, but nowhere near the Hobgood situation.


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Just now, MountUrCastle said:

He's a slow power bat that has trouble with plate discipline and okay to good fielding. I can not look at him and not immediately make a parallel to Roughned Odor.

Kjerstad has a slow power bat? Exactly how many games have you seen of him?

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    • We are worse than I thought we would be. I thought 95-98 losses. This team looks like a 110 loss team right now.    I still have no idea what they were doing with 2nd base. I wonder if ownership told Elias to cut money late in camp with Sanchez. Always possible Sanchez would have been even worse but still. Franco who I didn’t expect much from has been bad.  I said before the year I never saw a more unproven pitching staff in my life. Going this route, especially relying on young starters off a season like last year has been a debacle. Rebuild or not you need more depth. 
    • I don't think he would have even been brought in in a "normal game".  He was brought up to be the last man in the pen, the role Sceroler had filled.  They guy who comes in when the win probability is already under 5% so he can't really hurt our chances.
    • Yea but guys get hurt.  Guys like Hays and Santander get hurt EVERY YEAR.  You have to prepare for that.
    • If nothing else, this season will help Elias separate the wheat from the chaff.   Wheat: Mullins, Mancini, Mountcastle, Hays, Santander (jury still out on Hays & Santander because they haven't been healthy) Chaff: Wilkerson, Franco, Stewart, Valaika, Severino We should see a lot of turnover in our lineup later this season and in the offseason.  We should replace the chaff with minor leaguers, Adley, Leyba, J. Jones, McKenna and then supplement the roster with a FA signing or two.   The same can be said for our pitching.  Gradually improve the talent on our roster to where we have a respectable and competitive product on the field.
    • The injuries to Hays and Santander are holding down their production.   I am hoping to see McKenna and Jones in the outfield in the not too distance future and let these guys heal up.
    • When you toss a bunch of replacement level guys out there you can't be surprised when they perform at slightly below replacement level. The only names listed above that are a surprise to me are Mountcastle and Santander.  I've never been big on Santander but I did expect him to be better than he has shown thus far. 
    • Real good combo    Using baseball reference  WAR Franco  -0.9 Valaika -0.6 Mountcastle -0.4 Wilkerson -0.4 Stewart -0.3 Santnader -0.3 Wynns -0.2 Combined  catchers is -0.3. Sisco was -0.3. Sevy is 0.2 3rd base -0.9  Combined 2nd  -0.6  Valaika, Urias 0.5, Wilkerson and Ruiz -0.1. I know some of these guys move around some but you get the point.  Thats -1.8 from those players playing those 3 spots . You basically have 3 positions that are brutal right now.  Hays 0.6 and Santander aren’t healthy and aren’t producing as like than can.  Stewart plays more in the OF than he should because of this. Mountcastle is playing well now but his glove never developed in LF.    Other than Mullins not much has gone right. Galvis has been serviceable. Mancini obviously.    The collective position player WAR is 2.9. Mullins, Mancini and Galvis are at 5.0 combined Mullins alone is at 3.0. So minus Mullins the rest of the team combined is at -0.1.     Pitching collectively is at 2.9 total WAR. Means alone is at 3.2. Fry and Sulser 0.8, Zimmerman is at 0.7, Scott 0.6 and Wells 0.5. Sceroler and Lakins are at -0.5 each. Armstrong was at -0.6 and Harvey is at -1.6.    At the end of the day Means and Mullins combine for 6.2 WAR and yet the team total is at 5.8. Just unreal. 
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