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2020 Comp Pick A (30): Jordan Westburg - SS - (JR) (Mississippi State)

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

Is he going to cost overslot?

No I thought we would take Kelley there. 

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1 minute ago, scOtt said:

ESPN saying good SS, no power.

It sounds like the pitcher drafted right after him is a better pick than him.   Idk.   Maybe Sid and the analytics are showing something that no one else knows!!!!



I hope....

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    • Holt and Akin were tonight's guests. Roch before the interview segments on crowded OF I did notice the tone of certainty in his banter about Santander going at trade deadline. Holt describing Valdez said it is as simple as he "does what he's good at a bunch", which reminded me of Earl's book and his observation almost nobody is good at everything.   I think I heard him ruling out 6-man rotation when he got that question, saying the extra rest too disruptive to pitcher's rhythms.  I am guessing we will more skip starts, or shorten seasons to manage that. Akin gave a "trust the process" quote about marching orders from Holt at AAA to use sliders and change-ups when normally he wouldn't, even if walks ensued.   He said he and DL Hall talk all the time.   Asked about the 60 to 162 part of this year's challenge, he shared a bit from a conversation with Kremer, where Kremer said he simulated 50-60 innings between Spring Training 1 and Spring Training 2, and that he also was generally working like that last April/May/June too.
    • You left out Sceroler and Wells. And Mattson too for that matter.
    • I don't know Frobby.  I am guessing the performance of the NRIs is irrelevant.   I think they have a plan for Lowther, Wells, and Baumann.  I dont know exacrly what it is, and wouldn't be surprised if it was more conservative than a lot of us want. But I don't think it will be changed by what the NRIs do in the spring.  If The Plan is for any of the 3 guys to be here at the start or early in the season, they will be here.  If, more likely, The Plan is to slow play them, then I think they will be slow played.  And if all the MRI possibilities look awful, we'll either pick up someone on waivers or just go with the slightly less awful of the NRIs and suffer.  I don't think the development of Zac Lowther will be affected in any way by whether Felix Hernandez has totally lost it or if he still has something left   
    • o   CYNTHIA LENNON   o
    • This guy is claiming they are at #25 & #65 ...In a later tweet he specifically mentions not getting credit for the tweet when its announced. I dont know him or anything about him so take it for what its worth! I'd be happy with this but really happy if somebody else steps up and they have to up it to #25 and #45        
    • They don't need rosters spots.  They might earn roster spots.
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