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PS5 Premiere Event

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Unfortunately, there is no E3 this year (for obvious reasons).  In lieu of that, Sony just had their own pre-recorded event livestream for the PS5.



There will be a disc-version and a digital-only version.  They also showed off a headset, a media remote, an HD camera and a dual controller charging station.  No mention if these come w/ the system or if they're separate accessories. (I would assume they're separate)  Still no mention of price yet.

Everything else shown was all games.  It seemed like almost everything shown was a Playstation Exclusive.

- Grand Theft Auto
PS4 players who own GTA V will get $1 million in GTA Cash free, each month until release
PS5 owners will get GTA Online for free, at launch

- Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Only a short clip.  Not much shown.
Holiday 2020


- Gran Turismo 7

no release date


- Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

no release date


- Project: Athia
pretty graphics but next to nothing was shown to give you an idea of the story or gameplay
seemed like a glorified tech demo
no release date


- Stray
you play as a cat roaming through a city filled w/ only robots



- Returnal
you play an astronaut caught in a loop, continually reliving her crash, exploration of an alien world and eventual death
no release date


- Sackboy: A Big Adventure
a Little Big Planet game
an actual 3d platformer; not a 3d game in a 2d world like previous games
has single player, w/ up to 4 player co-op
no release date


- Destruction Allstars
a futuristic demolition derby game
no release date


- Kena: Bridge of Spirits
action platformer
the look reminds me a lot of the 1st Fable
no release date


- Goodbye Volcano High
anime(ish) style graphics
basically a teen girl simulator


- Oddworld: Soul Storm
no release date


- Ghostwire: Tokyo


- Jett: The Far Shore
looks like you're on a colony ship, leaving Earth
you're exploring, looking for a new world
holiday 2020


- Godfall
action game
similar playstyle to God of War?
holiday 2020


- Solar Ash
cell shaded
futuristic action platformer?


- Hitman III
Jan. 2021


- Astro's Playroom
no release date


- Little Devil Inside
stylized action adventure game
no release date


- NBA 2K21
This isn't a PS exclusive, is it?

one of the only franchised sports games shown
I immediately felt like this was thrown in near the end because most of these games shown will not be available at launch
fall 2020


- Bugsnax
weird looking game
all of the bugs/animals on the island are a type of food
if you eat them, a part of your body becomes that food?
I'm assuming this is and adventure/puzzle game
it wasn't very clear
holiday 2020


- Demon's Souls
no real info given

I'm assuming this is a sequel to Demon Souls; the precursor to the Dark Souls franchise.
no release date


- Deathloop
2 people caught in a time loop
1 trying to stop it, the other trying to stop him
The one trying to stop it is continually let loose on an island where everyone is trying to kill him
The other is the sniper/assassin who is constantly killing him
no release date

- Village: Resident Evil VIII


- Pragmata


- Horizon II: Forbidden West
no release date

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