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2020 Orioles draft review: Elias ends up with three first round talents

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Jim Callis weighed in on our draft with Melewski today:

“I thought it was one of the deeper drafts, one of the best drafts,” said Callis. “If I remember correctly, we had Kjerstad ranked 10th on our draft list. I did hear a lot of Baltimore media getting asked, ‘How could they take the 10th guy at No. 2?’ Well, there was not that big of a gap between 2 and 10.

“Now, they got a great deal. They got him for over $2 million under slot, which allowed them to do some other things. Plus, this guy hit from the start in the SEC and was the best lefty power hitter in the draft on the college side. And I think 6 to 10 were jumbled up for a lot of clubs. You could argue they got the sixth-best player. Because he was going to go lower, they got a great deal. You have to get talent and they took a talented guy at 2 and poured that money into Mayo and Baumler.

“If they had taken Austin Martin at two, you look at what he got from the Blue Jays, they wouldn’t have saved the money to get those guys. All six of their picks are interesting. You don’t usually get six guys that are close to the top 100 and sign them all.”

Callis said there were things to like about each O’s selection.

“Kjerstad is the best lefty power hitter in the draft. Westburg, another SEC performer. Shortstop with power, profiles at third base if he doesn’t stick at short. Real interesting guy. Hudson Haskin, a really gifted center fielder. Didn’t fly under the radar, but in a normal year he might have gone higher. He’s a tooled-up center fielder who as a draft-eligible sophomore played a year and change. So, he wasn’t as heavily scouted as guys who had been around for three years. Anthony Servideo really came on this spring. Had a great spring. Slick fielder and showed a lot more with the bat. Coby Mayo has the power and arm strength you want at third base. And Baumler is a projectable, athletic pitcher who no one thought was going to be signable and the Orioles got him.

“These aren’t just like interesting guys that go into the top 30. They’re all guys with a good amount of upside. It was a pretty impressive haul.”

MLBPipeline.com’s new O’s top 30, rates Kjerstad No. 3, Westburg No. 7, Haskin No. 14, Baumler No. 19, Servideo No. 21 and Mayo No. 25.


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    • By the way, if I thought we were going to actually win something this year I'd be willing to ride Means into the ground like a rented donkey. But we're not, so what's the point?
    • I quit a while ago.  Best thing I ever did.  Thanks for your concern though. I'm not sure if it was called the Verducci effect, but there was pretty prominent study done ~15 years ago, which suggested that large innings spikes can lead to injury.  And then basically every team in baseball began developing their pitchers in a pretty uniform way in regards to innings counts. I concede there was nothing concrete then.  I'd be curious to know how it was "debunked." How many times with your own eyes have you seen some pitcher- in a postseason, in a regular season, as a prospect- pitch a lot more innings than normal and have residual effects? I think it's common sense wisdom.  Just as not smoking is. As far as your evaluation of Means, I agree with that whole-heartedly.  "Low stress innings."  "Low pitch counts."  "Few baserunners." Sounds exactly like a guy who is about to pitch a whole lot of innings.  Like over six per start.  Which if you run him out there every fifth day adds up to about...... 210 innings.
    • I'm not sure I've seen him hit a ground ball. He lifts everything. Before he K'd in one AB tonight, he hit a foul ball that didn't miss being an opposite field HR by very much. I'd like to see him some more against some lefties....Bowie has faced very little LHP so far. 
    • If your starting catcher is hitting 250 with I hr and 3 rbi he should be a very good defensive catcher, Pedro is not. First inning he tried to trick Judge at two strikes with a curveball, Kremer hadn't thrown one in the inning, hung it, gone.
    • Easily?  220 leads the league as often as not these days.  I don't see him being that guy. What association is there?  You thinking about the debunked Verducci effect? Means' inning are pretty much all low stress innings.  He doesn't run up high pitch counts or allow a bunch of base runners  For the record I think they have found actual evidence about smoking and cancer, so you might want to quit if you smoke.
    • Last year the O’s signed 8 undrafted free agents, and 6 of them made the Shorebirds’ OD roster.   That’s fairly amazing.   Here’s how they’re doing: J.D. Mundy, 1B: .345/.457/.621, 2 HR, 7 RBI in 35 PA Dylan Harris, OF: .217/.394/.217, 0 HR, 5 RBI in 29 PA Thomas Girard, P: 3 G, 2.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 K’s Shane Davis, P: 2 G, 7.0 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 8 K’s Brandon Young, P: 2 G, 6.2 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 5 BB,10 K’s Ryan Watson, P: was listed on break camp roster but appears to be inactive        
    • I said it in the game thread on the 110 mph DP he started tonight, when he good, he's really really good! Then sometimes he drops his shoulder and slings it sidearm to 1B and  misses by a mile. He hits really good... sometimes...     He is what he is, for THIS team. And he's pretty cheap. And better than Rio.
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