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Players opting out of 2020 season

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1 minute ago, MurphDogg said:

If Stroman gets a qualifying offer he would cost the O's their third pick (either the comp pick after round 2 or, if that pick is traded, their third round pick). Jake Odorizzi got a QO this off-season at the same age as Stroman with a less successful career to date. I think it is quite likely that Stroman gets one too.

No qualifying offers this season.

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1 hour ago, Can_of_corn said:

No qualifying offers this season.

Is that true? I remember that being part of the negotiations but I dont think it ended up being part of the deal since MLB unilaterally set the number of games.

MLBTR seems to think there are still qualifying offers and so does Twitter, based on my searching.

Mets beat writer seems to think a qualifying offer is still an option and nobody is correcting her, and since she is a woman on the internet writing about sports, I imagine she would be corrected by a million dudes if she was wrong.

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    • This is what happens when you aren’t good.  
    • What about the game about a week ago where we should have thrown a guy out at 3rd but Mountcastle bounced a throw, which IMO Ruiz should have been able to field on the bounce and still make the tag, and an inning or two later there was a bad throw to the plate that Sisco still should have been able to field and make the tag but didn't.  That was a close loss and those two plays cost us.  And I won't even mention Mullins' pathetic throw from LF to the plate in that game that was way off line because I can't say for SURE that a good throw would have gotten the runner.
    • Friday night, we lost 2-1 and Tampa got a run because DJ couldn't catch the ball in RF and it went for a triple, and that guy scored on a single.  Is that specific enough?
    • I'd touted the OF OAA rising up to middle class after years of cellar dwelling, but the IF side of the coin the results are 30th out of 30, and it isn't particularly close: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outs_above_average?type=Fielding_Team&year=2020&team=&range=year&min=q&pos=if&roles=&viz=show The Rays are next to last here, which to over-read into it could be another organization's take on the declining importance of IF defense. In the 2020 Orioles case, it isn't anything I'm really concerned with long-term - Jose Iglesias never had his legs this year.   "SS" Valaika owns -5 of the team's -12, and some ballplayer has to man the position in Iglesias's absence.  Unless Ruiz or Alberto play at the top of their ranges the next couple years, I don't really expect any of this year's IF personnel to have big (or even medium?) roles on the Next Good Team.
    • What makes a guy exciting when they are so young, as Jon Shepherd said,“...is one really loud tool.” In the hope is that the other tools can at least partially catch up. I don’t know what these guys will do over the years, but what I’m hoping for is somebody who is closer and more developed Who can help in two or three years instead of eight or nine.
    • My question was more specific.   I was talking about the 5 games we’ve recently lost by 2-1 and 3-1 scores, and whether bad defense contributed to the runs we allowed.   Did any of the plays you mentioned fit that category?  For the most part,  I simply don’t know.      The game where Hays made two good throws where the tags (by Alberto) were not good was the 5-1 loss to the Braves, and the second one (involving Acuna) did lead to a run.  The third one was not mentioned by me and involved Ruiz but I didn’t see it and don’t remember when it happened.   I think the Mountcastle play led to an eventual walk and the runner eventually scored in a 3-1 loss to Tampa.   As an observation, you are right to point out the sloppy plays, but the real question is do we make more of them than a typical team.    That’s harder to say.    Rtot has us as the best defensive team in the AL, Rdrs has us as average, UZR has us 11th/15.    All three of those take more than just errors into account, so it’s a bit of a Rohrshach test; you can see whatever you choose to see.   I’d guess I’ve only watched about 30% of the innings we’ve played this year, so I’m not in a great position to give opinions based on the eye test.    I do know this: every team makes sloppy plays at times.    It’s not like the Orioles have a monopoly on that.      
    • They can bring him up in the event of an injury, so whoever they call up won’t be affected by time considerations.
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