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Minor League Season Officially Cancelled

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4 minutes ago, Philip said:

Call me skeptical. I think more money being made off the greens means more money being made off the games. The owners will spend as little as they possibly can.

As I get older I understand more and more why Jesus was so frustrated.

Can we please not?

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39 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Can we please not?

Pretty sure he meant Jesus Luzardo.   

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    • Really appreciate your reports, keep them coming.  That being said... I'm not sure that Adley and the Mehs warrant any grade that starts with an "A". The state of catchers in the system doesn't seem strong if it depends solely on one player.  
    • Generally the answer is poor pitching for the Orioles vs the rest of the pitchers he bats against.   If there is anything more mysterious, I do not know.  
    • Well the title of the thread is "State of the System" and the OP explicitly talks about AR.... It's all good though.  I like our catching situation when looking at the entirety of the system, but AR is the largest driving factor there.
    • Please oh please may DL Hall and Grayson Rodriguez follow in these footsteps as mid-1st round picks with the job of stopping the other guys from scoring. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30014955/baltimore-ravens-marlon-humphrey-signs-9875-million-extension-source-says
    • I must have misunderstood the OP. I thought it was grading the season, and not the future.
    • I would love to see more depth in the minors, but ultimately if Adley is even close to what we expect, it won't matter. We have the starter for years to come and finding useful backup catchers isn't a particularly challenging task. I like Severino and Sisco as options, but would not mind seeing if either has much trade value this offseason. Instill the other as the starter until Adley is ready and pick up defensive minded backups on minor league deals.
    • I feel better about the future of the bullpen than the rotation, but that's mostly because of the depth of guys we have for the rotation...if that makes any sense. I'm nervous about the top of the rotation options we have since only two in the system seem to be projected to have that upside (Hall, Grayson). If one fails, we may still be okay given the depth and the development of Means, Kremer, etc, but if both fail to live up to expectations and or struggle with injuries (entirely possible), we are lacking at the top of the rotation. The middle to back of the rotation have plenty of options and if any of the depth struggle as starters, they could settle in as solid relievers (particularly if they have a very good pitch or two, but lack additional options). I think the trickle down from the rotation candidates to the pen helps the outlook of the pen greatly. We already have several interesting pieces in place and the depth of bullpen prospects (as well as rotation prospects) gives plenty of options when they inevitably thin themselves out.
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