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Orioles sign UDA RHP Shane Davis

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3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

https://nccueaglepride.com/sports/baseball/roster/shane-davis/6327#:~:text=Tossed 191 strikeouts over 135.0,a 3.68 ERA in 2018.

Works 88-90 but with high spin rate and can touch 92-93 on occasion. Reportedly uses a decent curveball and change and shows a slider at times. 



6'3" 165lb??? 😲


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18 hours ago, BohKnowsBmore said:

6'3" 165lb??? 😲


The Orioles had him at 175, but still, he's thin and could put on some good weight and perhaps throw harder.

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    • Here are some Galvis/Iglesias projections: ZipS: Iglesias .296/.326/.428, Galvis .246/.300/.382 Steamer: Iglesias .278/.311/.399, Galvis .238/.294/.387 ATC: Iglesias .279/314/.398, Galvis .239/.295/.395 THE BAT: Iglesias .279/.318/.399, Galvis .236/.291/.388 THE BATX: Iglesias .274/.314/.384, Galvis .238/.291/.388 Marcel: Iglesias .279/.322/.418, Galvis .242/.299/.409 So, Iglesias in the .698 - .754 OPS range, Galvis in the .679-.708 range.    By the way, I’ve never heard of ATC, THE BAT or THE BATX.   But Fangraphs is publishing them, so I listed them.  
    • Once again we get these periodic updates that I have no comprehension of the meaning.   This court says this, this one says that, etc.  Do we have any bottom line as to when MASN will have to cut a check to the Nats and how much it will be?   Otherwise, this might as well be written in Greek for all I get out of it.
    • He’s certainly not going to hit at the level Iglesias did last year.   Nor will Iglesias.   
    • Thanks for the update and reinforces why the team is cutting payroll and expenses. Expecting to see this sign hanging from the warehouse.
    • I’m violating Tony’s “don’t bump old threads” rule because it’s interesting to go back and see how patient our posters said they would be in 2018 when Elias took the job.   My sense is that many of the natives are beginning to get restless.     Right now Elias is just about on pace with where I thought he’d be by now, though the short major league season and non-existent minor league season last year makes things a little harder to judge.     I do think that Elias will need to switch gears after this season.   I’m not expecting a contender in 2022 but I do think the team will need to show very significant improvement to indicate that the rebuild has traction.    Of course, I’m hoping to see improvement this year, but my guess is our winning percentage will be stagnant from last year, maybe even slightly down (we were on a 67.5 win pace, but fading badly in the last 25-30 games).    
    • Braves  have a bunch of young OFers that make more sense than Mancini - starting with Pache and Waters.  Braves probably don't trade for him unless O's basically give him away.  
    • I think a lot of us (me included) predicted the O's would sign Galvis to a contract somewhat similar to what he signed.  Where a bunch of us disagree is whether or not he's at the same level as Iglesias.  Granted, until last year there probably wasn't much difference, and last year was a very short season.  However, last year is the best we got for predicting what they'll do in the future.  I hope he proves me wrong, but I don't expect that Galvis will play at Iglesias' level.       
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