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    • Money: The owners want money. I question how many of them would Rather win, if winning cost them money. With that in mind, it stands to reason they’ll only make moves this summer if they can make money off of those moves. there’s no concession money, no parking money, there’s no ticket sales there’s nothing except advertising money, and that would arguably be less because the playoffs are so diluted this year. Therefore it also stands to reason that they won’t feel much incentive to make impact moves. That could actually be good for the Orioles, because those teams might be willing to incrementally improve rather than making a big blockbuster. But that means anybody approaching the Orioles is going to be wanting to give up prospects who are far away; high risk and high reward. Ergo, I anticipate a lot of interest in our better guys, but not any immediate excitement coming back in the event of a trade.
    • I'm of the opinion that Elias will be listening closely to offers for anyone on the roster regardless of what our record is in this truncated season. I don't think having a fluke of a winning record changes his mindset on roster management this year one bit.
    • o    "What 2020 has taught the Orioles is to be adaptable."   Rich Dubroff     Suspended Game Just Another in a Season of Challenges for 2020 Orioles (By Rich Dubroff) https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2020/08/10/suspended-game-just-another-season-challenges-2020-orioles/   o
    • Not necessarily. He could just have easily been worn down by the end of the year given the rigors of a full college season, multiple levels of the minors, the award circuit, media associated with being 1-1 (and the travel), etc. Or numbers are random flukish chance in SSS.
    • He got hot in Aberdeen and then got moved to Delmarva  where he got 46 PAs. Would I have liked to have seen him hit a little better against that competition, sure, but he also was at the end of a long season that started for him in January/February.  Like I said, I'll worry about Rutschman if I see him struggling over a full minor league season. He's got all the skill set to be an impct player at the major league level. 46 PAs in Delmarva is not going to have me concerned.
    • Best evidence from a season like this may be the Orioles ability to get the most out of their talent. Not the actually talent they are putting on the field now.  
    • If another team is going to be turned off from Means based on a bad 2020 ERA that's driven by one poor inning, then we might actually be able to sucker them into trading for one of our JAGs
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