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Means has arm fatigue (Milone starts opening day)

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    • I'm not proclaiming him guilty of anything. My first post I said " If true boy was that a stupid thing to do." My second post I said " his alleged activity". Obviously evidence is scant at the moment and this might be something more in the lines of a clerical mistake or nothing at all.  
    • Lot of great points here. I agree and I'll wait for all the facts to come out. My guess the Orioles get a fine and this was used to be leverage the Astros situation for a sensational news story when things are quiet outside of the World Series that few actually care about.
    • Exactly. COVID restrictions really stopped the travel back and forth so it probably didn't make since to have Holt with the team and the minor leaguers. Either way, fraud is a really strong word to use and reeks of click bait by the NY Post.
    • That’s the thing, we have no idea when Holt was added to the coaches pension plan.  If it was when he was first hired in 2019 then it would seem more egregious, but if it was before this season as part of his promotion to Director of Pitching, then it seems more palatable, as his role was intended to blanket the majors & minors, and it sounds like the plan was for him to be in uniform on occasion, even if not once the game starts, since the number of coaches allowed during a game is limited. I just can’t see Elias potentially risking his career by covertly putting Holt in the coaches pension plan without getting approval from the Orioles HR department, or whoever is responsible for matters like this in the organization, along with MLB.  Elias is a smart guy, and only 2 years into what is likely his dream job as the GM of a Major League Baseball team.   I’m sure the other 3 coaches that were designated had to be approved as well, so if there was any issue with designating Holt as the 4th coach, you would think Elias and the O’s organization would have been told that when they first put him on the list of 4. To me, this article seems more like sensationalism, trying to tie Elias in with the Astros cheating scandal and making it seem like this situation with Holt is more of the same, as if anyone associated with the Astros must be deceptive and dishonest.  And the fact that they singled out Anthony Sanders as a coach that got  “screwed” seems like the lawsuit/claim of fraud could have come from his agent, because clearly this story was leaked by someone with an axe to grind.  But what if Holt was designated the 4th coach before Sanders got hired?  The point is, we don’t have all the facts, so to just assume Elias did this covertly to appease Holt without getting approval from anyone seems very irresponsible from a journalistic perspective.   Just the fact that this is being reported at all is obviously unsettling if you’re an O’s fan and a supporter of Elias, but I think this is more about sensationalism and click bait, by using the headline “Ex-Astros” and “fraud” to get people worked up about what is likely not much of anything.  It will be interesting to see if Elias or someone else with the organization talks about it and tries to clear it up, because you know that if he/they don’t, more and more people will start to wonder if this really could be a much more serious situation than it currently appears to be.
    • Yea, seems like an administrative issue with a potential fine at most. 
    • Remember when James Franklin was supposed to be the coach in waiting then wasn't? Lord almighty the MD decision makers for sports are awful.  BTW, Tagovailoa is awful. He looks scared, unprepared, inaccurate, and has really poor decision making skills. Good Lord, this is the guy who is the best they can find with all the transfers? Nice job there Locksley.
    • I am sorry but the word Fraud here is a little strong.  There are rules on which coaches can be listed to be eligible for the MLB pension and there maybe a question whether or not his role this past season qualifies or not.  I suspect the fact there were no minor leagues and the whole COVID situation may have changed what that role end up being probably is a factor.  To me fraud would be an intention to deceive what his role was, not whether it qualifies or not.  However in the world we live in today I guess it pays to use words like fraud. It makes the story more interesting. 
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