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Update: Chris Davis missed two games with sinus infection, has recovered

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Just now, Enjoy Terror said:

Wonder if the GrayRod addition was done in response to a particular player being removed from the pool...

No reason to, still 6 spots open after GrayRods addition (after accounting for dropping Blach and Wilkerson).

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This is :bs: , IMO. The fans deserve, especially this season, to be told something about why a player is "unavailable" and hasn't shown up for a game. If a player's got a personal problem or a family emergency or is grieving, or needs a day off to get his head straight, that's all we need to know. If (hard to believe here), he's not playing because there's a trade under discussion, he should be with the team, and you can say what you want, or even lie if you want, about why he's on the bench.

But to say that a player is unavailable and is not with the team, and it's none of the fans' damn business why, doesn't strike me as right for a sport that has a real problem with its public.

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My opinion, this is more an issue of Hyde not being more of a schmooser with the beat writers.  Buck wouldn’t have just said “unavailable”.   
My speculation is that two issues surrounding the Orioles organization in the 48 - 72 hours prior to Wednesday’s game come into play.  Davis’ role as MLBPA player rep required his significant participation in both the Orioles schedule change and proposed MLB rules changes.  Secondly, the passing of Mo Gaba, given Davis and his wife’s charitable work, especially in the area of pediatric surgery, there might be some connection there as well.  
Be well Chris Davis. 

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12 hours ago, NedFromYork said:

Does Davis get paid if he opts out?  I assume he got a pro-rated salary if he plays.

No.   He would not get paid from the time he opts out to the end of the season. O's would owe from the first day of the season until the day he opts out.

I would not blame Davis for opting out.   He has made close to 120m in baseball.  He will still be owed 46m for 2021 and 2022.   He would give up about 7m by opting out.   He does need to risk Covid-19 any more than Ryan Zimmerman does.

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    • Yeah, so I’ve held off telling the story about my interaction w/ Jones, but he’s no longer an Oriole, so.... I posted years ago about a hitting clinic he held at SDSU w/ Harold Reynolds. It was a fun time for me and my daughters taking a road trip from Los Angeles.  After the clinic was over we, of course, went to see about getting something signed or a picture. We waited patiently as he signed for a number of people and then I approached him to get a picture of him and my girls. He started to lineup to do so and then balked at the idea, saying it would take too much time, at which the expressions of my kids faces visibly dropped. Disappointing to say the least, but I explained it away with some such fatherly bs.  I never mentioned it in the thread about our trip because I knew there would likely be disbelief or outright anger for me calling out an Oriole player, especially Jones. After all these years, it wasn't a huge deal, but yes, I lost respect for him. As far as I know, Palmer has always been great with not only fans, but going out of his way to be available for them. There’s also no one else I’d rather listen to call a game than Jim Palmer. His stories are part of that.
    • Well Machado should’ve been dealt the offseason before but somehow we were still going for it with a team that actually won 47 games. The only thing bad I could say about what DD did in the Machado trade, is that he should’ve gotten more A ball players versus trying to get players that were closer to being ready. However, The Dodgers had just spent $50+ million on Diaz, Pop was 20, and Kremer was leading all of milb in SO. 
    • Unless the CBA changes there is zero incentive to call up AR before June 1. It’s not like another 60 days of “bad” PR is going to hurt this franchise any more. 
    • Oh, absolutely.   The O’s were leading the division by six games when this news broke.   It stung pretty badly to lose Manny in that situation.   As it turns out, the team played well without him for the rest of the regular season.   But we’ll always wonder if he could have made a difference in that KC series, if he’d managed to rehab and return to the field.     Some posters faulted him for not acceding to the team’s wishes.   Not me though.  
    • Win 3 Cy Youngs, 3 World Series and a WS game in 3 decades and you can be as arrogant as you want.   Palmer rules.
    • So trade our best performing position player in order to get prospects that don’t usually pan out… i.e Machado deal  Pass 
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