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Going for the Sweep (vs. D-RAYS, 8/02)

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Yandy Diaz Fernandez - DH

Michael Brosseau - #B

Brandon Lowe - 2B

Jose Martinez - 1B

Dustin Hunter Renfroe - RF

Manuel Margot Gomez - LF

Willy Rafael Luna Adames - SS

Kevin James "K.J." Kiermaier - CF

Mike Zunino - C

Yonny Enrique Chirinos Mejias - RHP )) (0-0, 0.00 ERA) 



Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Anthony Santander - RF

Renato Nunez - 1B

Pedro Severino De Leon - C

Chance Thomas Leo Sisco - DH

Demetrius Jerome "D.J." Stewart - LF

Patrick Valaika - 3B

Andrew Velazquez - SS

Cedric Boyce "C.B." Mullins II - CF

Tomaso Anthony Malone - LHP )) (0-1, 12.00 ERA)





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It’s good to hear the fans showing there support for the team with the surprise start so far.  They really were into that at bat and pretty loud fir a first inning.  We usually have late arriving crowd on Sundays but doesn’t sound like it this year.




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    • That’s not the way these guys get graded.   Yes you get some credit for how high you’ve gotten in the system, but ultimately the grades are about (1) your expected outcome, and (2) your ceiling.   Zimmermann has made it to the majors, which is great, but his most likely role is a swing man.   Other guys have more potential, if less certainty of reaching the majors.     That said, almost every guy on the list from no. 12 through no. 26 has been graded 45 FV/50 ceiling, so we are really splitting hairs here.   The only exceptions are Baumler and Mayo (both graded 50/60) who haven’t played beyond high school yet so there’s a lot of uncertainty there, and Hernaiz (45/55) who hasn’t played above the GCL.   Those are guys who could move up or down the list pretty significantly next year.     
    • A million for Tommy Milone? He’ll be lucky to get a minor league contract from someone. 
    • o   You better take a diamond ring ...... you better pawn it, babe.   o
    • The write up makes me think that he is not a starter that Hyde would want to rely on every 5th day.  Maybe more of a swingman.  So that makes it more likely the O's sign a Milone type to begin the season or maybe Milone himself if they can get him for a million for one year.
    • o   That's somewhat of a rare song in which Lennon and Harrison switched on and off for the lead and rhythm. Lennon essentially plays lead for the majority of the song, while Harrison strums the chords. Then for the lead guitar solo it's Harrison playing lead, while Lennon briefly strums the chords. Then at the end of the solo, Lennon goes back to (essentially) playing lead while Harrison strums the chords.   Somewhat similarly, in the song "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You" it's Lennon playing the dominant portion of the guitar (strumming/picking extremely fast) while Harrison strums the chords ...... the difference being that unlike the case with "All My Loving", there is no guitar solo in "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You."   o
    • Brian Kenny on with Russo just now had the observation Cash let his starter go past 18 Batters Faced 5 of the first 6 games.   Obviously a 1-0 score and all the big relievers "rested" in an elimination game different circumstances last night. Mad Dog was ready for blood, but Kenny sort of headed him off at the pass surprising by giving his agreement the Snell pull was incorrect. Given the scuffles of the 4-week postseason, I'm not sure sticking with Anderson as the A reliever did him any favors.  His stat producing robot mode was clearly offline (today the inevitable reports acknowledging fatigue a factor).  Fairbanks or Castillo probably would have been better picks last night for in-inning fireman. Kenny in the spot also had the Mad Dog (pining for Snell to have the Smoltz experience) counter the Dodgers did October with a 2-man rotation, and bullpenning to take the WS clincher and survive two NLCS elimination games.  Obviously in the 162, Urias and May take their turns and do fine, but the October Corbin blueprint got drawn a bit more heavily this year. Snell is kind of an interesting gray area of is he a good enough starter to transcend the 18-batter leash as is correctly done with Cole, etc.  He has the Cy, but also like a 3.50-ish expected ERA across the couple of years including the Cy.   I think the Rays see him more JA Happ than Clayton Kershaw.
    • Really can't wait to see when some of the international guys are starting to make noise.  It's good that we've got a decently regarded system without much presence from international prospects but the system will have a real shot in the arm once a few of these guys start to produce.
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