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Piss 'Em Off, and Go For 4 (vs. MARLINS, 8/04)

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23 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

With the number of teams going to the playoffs they have a bit of time to get their house in order.

True, and they will probably be good enough to make the playoffs because of their pitching, particularly their bullpen. This is such a wild card year though it's crazy. Who really knows? 

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Lopez was a force. Pitched really well. Means looked and looks great! 95-96 with command last night.

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    • I appreciate this thought experiment, but I think it’s more productive to think about reasonable possibilities: some addition-by-subtraction moves, plus a couple of additions who surprisingly outperform their traditional expectations( think Steve Pearce) and in-house guys who do the same( John Means, etc) how close can we get?  remember once in the playoffs, luck is a bigger benefactor of the mediocre teams than it is the truly great ones. I don’t think there’s any way, but I DO think we can be third in the division and possibly get the 2WC, without any silly FA signings or desperation trades.
    • I don't know if he's underrated, he's been killing it since his McCoys days. This is what I was listening to.    
    • 60, again, with the Blue Jays still playing their home games in Buffalo because Canada still won't be allowing anybody in from the United States.
    • The Baltimore Orioles will not win the World Series in 2020. This is how the Orioles might win the World Series next year (2021) 1. Trevor Bauer (SP) - $35 million. The biggest need for the Orioles a TOR starter.  Bauer is the best FA pitcher on the market, and will command a large contract.  2. DJ LeMahieu (2B/3B) - $15 million.   Would have to decide whether it makes more sense to have LeMaheiu at third and Alberto at second or vice versa. 3. Alex Colome (CP) - $10 million.  While the Orioles bullpen did performances, there was a real problem with closer.   Colome fulfills this need.   Rotation: 1. Bauer 2. Means 3. Cobb 4/5 Two of Akin/Kremer/Eschelman Bullpen: Lakins/Scott/Armstrong/Fry CP: Colome Lineup: C  Two of Severino/Sisco/Rustchman 1B Mancini 2B LeMahieu SS Iglesias 3B Alberto LF Mountcastle/Stewart CF Hays/Mullins RF Santander DH - platoon of Stewart/Severino/Sisco/etc.                
    • You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.
    • I was going to ask what makes him toolsy besides the power but Hoosiers post suggests he has speed and can go get the ball.  Sounds like the arm is average at best.  Is there any chance he's a potential CF?
    • I went for more accomplised over shiny new thing, so Bannon/Zimmerman.  However, something about Stauffer intrigues me, age, size, K's, under the radar. His is the only name I was surprised to see in the poll so I kinda hope it's him.
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