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Remember when we were told about the amazing double threat the Angels were acquiring in Shohei Ohtani?  He was supposed to be a fantastic hitter and an unhittable pitcher.

Well, nobody got any hits off him today.  He was too busy walking people.  Removed after 1 2/3 innings, allowing 5 walks and 2 runs.

That was a dramatic improvement over his first start, when he faced six batters, giving up 3 hits and 3 walks and being charged with 5 runs.

Today's outing lowered his earned run average all the way down to 37.80.

Oh - and his batting average is .148.

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48 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Oh hey, it looks like he might not be healthy to boot.


Yeah, saw it this morning. Bad news for Angels fans like my pops.

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1 minute ago, Il BuonO said:

Yeah, saw it this morning. Bad news for Angels fans like my pops.

Bad news for all baseball fans, except I guess Willy, Ohtani is fun to watch and seems like a good guy.

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Flexor pronator mass strain. Translation? Ohtani will not be pitching this season. Call it a hunch.

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