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Trying to Salvage a Game (vs. MARLINS, 8/06)

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With the pressure of throwing a shutout off his back now, LeBlanc should be able to settle in and get some outs


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Just now, SteveA said:

Hays with a well hit ball but the CF makes a great play.  Geez.

Guy can't catch a break.

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Ben: "This is where the Orioles have had some trouble."


...while Davis steps in the box. 😛

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    • Just thought I’d put the quote in here for those who want to interpret it for themselves: Roch: “I know the club couldn’t say much about Heston Kjerstad not being there beyond a non-sports medical reason, but is there an update on him as far as what you have set up for him, since he wasn’t able to participate in anything this summer or fall? Blood: “It’s just unfortunate. The camp was so short and just kind of unfortunate that it didn’t work out for him to come down, but he’s a great kid. He’s actually finishing his degree right now. He’s going to be graduating from Arkansas, I believe this winter, so that was something he was really able to put his head toward and get done, which is great. We’re all for that. We’ve got a plan with him and the hopes are we’ll see him next year and put him right into the mix with the rest of these guys who have been exciting to watch.” I agree with the interpretation that going to college was not the reason he missed Instructional League.   Sounds like he had to miss it for his medical reasons and decided to spend his time working towards completing his degree. If that’s wrong, and he missed Fall Instructs so he could take classes, yes I’d have a problem with that.    But I doubt that’s the case.    And we probably won’t learn anything further about this until spring training, so I’m not going to spend the next 4 months obsessing over it.     
    • Looks like he and others cleared waivers and were outrighted to Triple-A.  Welcome back!  Sort of... https://twitter.com/masnSteve/status/1321897484726263815?s=20
    • Yes, I said at the time that if you were trying to ruin a players confidence, morale and desire to play for that team, well it was done in one fell swoop. I had a special hope for him as my daughter lives just outside his hometown of Tullahoma, Tn.  The only town named Tullahoma in the U. S. A.      
    • I'm all for education but when he signed the contract he made a commitment to play baseball and in a season where he didn't get to play a lot and with uncertainty looming over next season I would have liked him to have been at the instructs.
    • Who said that? And why can't he finish his degree this winter? or next winter? or the winter after that? Good Lord some of you want to fight over everything. Take a deep breath and calm down along with ScOtt who ridiculously down voted my comment.  If I draft a kid with the #2 over pick and COVID wipes out his pro season, I sure would hope he was chomping at the bit to play in anything baseball related. Is it a huge deal that will mess up his development, absolutely not, but I'd like to know my new draft pick who left college early to be a professional would be 100% focused on his profession. There is plenty of time to get his degree finished. We're not talking about 25th round junior signee that is not really a prospect, but rather the #2 overall pick in the draft who got well over $5 million as a signing bonus. On top of it all, the Orioles said he was not attending due to a  non-baseball related injury. So maybe, just maybe there is more to this story, which is really the main point in all of this. At the end of the day, baseball should be his priority over school once he signed that contract and said "I want to be a pro". I still think there is more to this story then he just randomly decided to complete his degree and he couldn't attend instructs because of it, but that's just me.
    • Cobb will be hard to trade before the roster is set on Nov 20 because there will be free agents on the market.    Urias may be in a battle for 2B and UIF next season.
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