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I’ll take that club option at 3 mil

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14 hours ago, ChuckS said:

He's worth the three mil for the defense alone. 

I thought we were getting a nothing bat.  He won't keep hitting like this but given how he finished last season, hit in spring training, and has continued hitting into the season, I have some hopes he can provide some better offense than his career line suggests. 

He's 30 and has a .692.  If he was influenced by Votto isn't not apparent, he walked 20 times in 146 games last year.  That's positively Mountcastleian.  I think Votto has had weeks where he walked more.  

He's not a terrible hitter, but I'll be happy if he finishes '20 much over .700.

I remember when Iglesias first came up with the Red Sox he was touted as the next great defensive shortstop.  That never quite worked out, but he's a solid defender.

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I do think he's a legitimately good glove and that's a valid resource to provide pitchers.  I'd value that contribution more it it were Akin, Kremer, Baumann but I suppose three starts in there's even a chance he could help Cobb follow in Cashner's footsteps.

To an extent he's a barometer for the Golden Age of shortstops.  He may have been a minor star in Belanger's time.

I remember doing the exercise when we got him - it's something like 25 clubs that have about a 3-win starter there, and along with trailing Gavin Lux, Royce Lewis and a few others, this summer he's probably around MLB's 28th-30th best SS give or take a few places either way.

Come to think of it - we're heading into the high leverage time where the health or lack thereof of the Top 20 might result in something slightly interesting for him becoming possible.  And if not, he is a fair bridge to the '22 Lindor Cohort.

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22 hours ago, Philip said:


That doesn’t refute anything I said.

The decision to pick up his option or not will not be changed by a ten game stretch. But it’s far better to start hot than cold.

Remember last year Sucre started blazing, and was gone within a month.

Dude, read the post you responded to.  

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15 hours ago, Camden_yardbird said:

The best thing about that option is that is probably get elias a better prospect at the deadline.

My thought too. 

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    • Yeah...in the minors. I don’t know anything about the guy, but if his defense is bad, he’s not really a utility guy, because utility guys by definition are glove-good at multiple positions. If he hits really well, he’s a 1B/DH type, and if he doesn’t hit well, he’s nothing. I just checked his stats at BBR and his D at both positions is poor.
    • What constitutes blazing? .400 OBP AND ~.900 OPS each of the last two years is pretty good. 
    • Me either but I voted Rom and Smith.
    • Does anyone know where to get minor league team home and away splits?  A quick perusal of Ashville hitters 2019 splits only reinforced the idea that Vavra 's 2019 numbers were possibly inflated due to a favorable home park.
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    • You are right about the hours played each day. It is a big part of the culture on the islands. I have been coaching kids for the last 15 years in Central Florida. Like Drungo said, kids have more options and distractions in the US. It can be tough to get a kid to put the work in away from the field when we only practice two days a week in the younger ages. The higher end travel teams do not practice in the high school years, not at all. They can't because their kids are from all over the state, or even the nation. They show up and play for a week to ten days and go home until the next tournament. Meanwhile, the DR kids are at a Baseball Academy year round for 2-3 years before they sign a contract. It really isn't a level playing field, developmentally. There are a few places where you can go to a high school that is a baseball academy, TNXL is one here in Altamonte Springs, Florida. TNXL is run by the Scorpions organization.  More kids in Florida play baseball than many Northern states, but the burnout rate is high in Florida as well. Year round baseball, or any sport for that matter, is not a good thing long term. Overuse injuries, such as all of the elbow and shoulder issues for pitchers are a direct result of this. College coaches all want to know what other sports a kid plays. The three sport stars are discouraged from playing three sports. Football is still king in Florida. Baseball also does not develop athleticism, although it demands it. So you have to play explosive movement sports, and/or train at a complex to develop the athleticism. That gets expensive, along with everything else you have to do to have a chance. My son worked out at the same place that Ryan Mountcastle and Blake Bortles worked out at. Excellent results.  The gap is closing with the proliferation of indoor facilities. Kids can work on their skills year round now. Seeing more kids from Pennsylvania in recent years who play the game at a very high level. That is a very good thing IMO. 
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