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Fatherhood, O's 11 Nats 0

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    • The first tiebreaker was division record, even though they played in different divisions.  I guess since all games were East vs East, Central vs Central, West vs West... Division record = league record. If that was tied then it was record in final 20 division (league) games. If that was tied then record in final 21 div games, the. 22, the n23, and so on. Kind of silly but those are the rules.  
    • The mound is 66’ 9” from second base.  
    • The mound not in the middle of the diamond feels even more blasphemous than seven inning games or a runner on second to start extras. 
    • Everything you say here is correct...but 3 million is no money and it’s tough to just cut an 800+ OpS, 30+ homer bat. I think you keep him for insurance if nothing else.
    • Why bring him back?  Because you like him vs lefties?  To me, you either non tender him or offer him a 1 year deal for 1-2 million.  If he doesn’t like it, let him walk. He has no power and he doesn’t walk.  The league is adjusting to him.
    • Hanser Alberto started the season on fire, and ended it freezing cold.   We can’t make too much of where he was on hot streaks/cold streaks in a 60 game season.  He ended at .698 OPS this year, and he was that low as late as Game 75 last year before getting hot, then cooling off again towards the end of the year.   However, I do see two things that worry me: 1.   A significant increase in strikeout rate.   Last year Alberto only struck out 50 times in 550 PA, about a 9% K rate.    This year he struck out 30 times in 231 PA, about a 13% K rate.    When you’re a swing-at-everything kind of hitter, making contact is very important. 2.    He wasn’t as good defensively at 2B as I expected.   Last year he was plus on the defensive metrics at that position, this year he’s minus.   +5 Rtot to -2; +2 Rdrs to -2; +4.0 UZR to -1.3; OAA +3 to -3.    Defensive metrics take a long time to stabilize, but I take them seriously when they all point the same direction.   And, the eye test agrees with those numbers.     wildcard has pointed out many times that Alberto has pretty extreme L/R splits, and while last year I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions based on one year of data (.948/.609) given his lack of extreme splits in the minors, the same pattern showed this year (.917/.635).    It’s fair to question if Alberto should remain an everyday player. I still like Alberto, but I’d classify 2020 as disappointing for him.   
    • Thank you for not extrapolating the next 60 games…
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