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vs. PHILLIES, 8/12

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On 8/12/2020 at 8:18 PM, scOtt said:

This for Corn but you too. Sounds a bit like B-52's (or B's sound like this!)


Yeah. I like them because they don't have a stereotypical SoCal punk sound. It's kind of like the GoGo's before they were signed and became polished.

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    • As a kid of the 1970's, my hatred of the Yankees is well ingrained by now.  I happily vote WS where the Skanks lost pretty high.  Not higher than those our Orioles won, perhaps, but no Yankee win would occur before either of those two criteria are met.  And then there is every other team in the league to consider ahead of any NY win.  I don't think a Yankee win would even occur in my list... Sadly, it looks like Scott Van Pelt only had one measly vote.
    • It was 2nd division starter or utility guy, right? And with a 50 ceiling. That's a ML player who, best case, is a good starter on a good team or likely is still a guy with some value to a ML team. Especially if he can hold his own in the outfield. My take here is that: 1) Tony's understandably being conservative in general on this list because he hasn't seen a lot of these guys for a full year. 2) He's going by what he's heard. 3) There are guys lower on this list that are a bit farther away but who have higher potential. 4) Vavra, based on Tony and rankings from other sites with some credibility, has some potential to be a real contributor to the ML team within 2 years. I actually think Tony's grade is pretty accurate based on the feedback, but whether he should be ranked over Baumler, Mayo, Rom, Smith, Hall, Wells, Bradish, Stowers, Hernaiz, Haskin and others is up for debate and, ultimately, not really important. Heck, at least one site has him at 7. They must think he's decent. All those guys have risk and they all have had a big layoff from baseball, or at least from being seen. Vavra got put here because he's closer, he has produced on the field, and thus has somewhat lower risk, is my guess.
    • I think there’s very little journalism in sports, although there can be some very good sports writing. I think the very title indicates that this is just off-season fluff.
    • Yes, that place is good. But it used to be a barbecue place (maybe 20 or 25 years ago).   It was really good then.   I think it was called the Blind Pig. When I go to Tech for football games (about 6 weekends every fall since 1992, until this year), I cut across from 340 to 81 on Rt 7 and I stopped at the Blind Pig many a time, and got a pulled pork sandwich. Then The Blind Pig went out of business and was a tobacco store or something. Now it's tacos and I've stopped there once I think.
    • Don’t you remember, in 2012, Nate Mclouth hit a ball that grazed the foul pole for a Home run, but it was called foul. it would have changed the game, though it might not have changed the outcome. 
    • Folks tend to be overly generous with player comps.  
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