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Well, we suck again...

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On 8/21/2020 at 11:08 AM, Moose Milligan said:

I don't think Givens is a guy that can get us a decent prospect back.  Maybe 3-4 years ago, not so much now.

I wouldn't mind selling off players now but I think, per usual, that we overrate what we have here and will be underwhelmed at the type of talent we would get back.


I completely agree with this.  We've had some bad road with getting return on investment when we knew we were done over the past few years.  We've had injuries at inopportune times, veteran players playing from the grave as opposed to up a tree at the trade deadline, and an ownership/ management that was reticent to consider players like Givens for trade after a quick start when his useful life with this club was still two or more years on; and where acting quickly on a hot commodity like him 3-4 years ago might have netted some decent prospects. 

Hindsight is always clearer than in the moment, of course, but regardless of who was in charge, someone should have seen players like Givens clicking at a time when the whole organization was trending down hard as a piece to trade quickly to gain desirable prospects.

Are there any guys like that now?  This season is too short with too small a work sample for a name to get hot to benefit from a big trade.  I don't see anything but salary dumps and maybe getting lucky on a deep player in return.  Not real likely tho, imo.

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The Orioles are finding their level. The worst outcome was for them to play out of their minds in a 60-game season and everyone think this is a finished product. It's not.

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10 minutes ago, Uli2001 said:

The Orioles are finding their level. The worst outcome was for them to play out of their minds in a 60-game season and everyone think this is a finished product. It's not.

The worst outcome would be playing well this season? Are you suggesting a World Series championship this season would be a bad thing?  

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    • So you are an Elvis Presley kind of guy:   A little less conversation and a lot more action.
    • I remain pretty convinced that our pitching shows enough quantity and enough potential that we really don’t need anybody from outside: now is the time to see what our prospects can do, so throw them into the fray. But we need better catching, even if the best catcher we have now will only be our future back up, in the infield we have a glaring gap at third. I appreciate the difficulty in finding a worthwhile third baseman, on the other hand it probably would not be difficult to find somebody who is appreciably better than Ruiz. I’d be happy to give Bannon a tryout. Good or bad, he is a potential part of the future, and we might as well find out as soon as possible what he can do. One of the potential 3B guys I mentioned was a closer and throws 93-94, so he might be a possibility as a two-way player( probably not but ya never know.) I’m pretty sure that those are Mike’s two priorities right now
    • If he takes Adderall, for which he doesn't have a TUE, he could be suspended.
    • His violation was his ADD meds and I'm pretty sure he currently has the exemption.
    • I really hope that come Spring (or May or whenever) when it becomes apparent he is once again not able to contribute that he and the Orioles brass get together and see if they can negotiate a buy-out of sorts. Give him an advisor title and a portion of the money and allow Davis to bow out without enduring years more of embarrassment for the sake of money. I understand he looked better last spring and then things tanked for him in the shortened season, but I'm not convinced that was anything meaningful as opposed to a nice short showing against lesser competition (aka Jake Fox syndrome). I like Davis. I appreciate what he did in the good years. It's almost impossible to watch now. I change the channel for his ABs at this point. At this point, I cannot imagine it's a fun experience for him. For a guy that's made the money he's made, it's got to be worth walking away from some money. I understand walking away from 46 million isn't happening. But would the Orioles bite on a buy out if they could save $10M of that? At this point, it's got to be worth it to save even a couple million, particularly when/if it becomes clear that a full 162 game season will be played next year? Would Davis be willing to give up the delusion that there is a way back to contributing for him? Would that $10M be worth it to escape what has turned into a nightmare?
    • I don’t think anyone really knows what we would do if we were in that situation, because we’ve never been in a situation remotely like that.    The numbers involved are inconceivable to us mere mortals.    I don’t know if Davis deep down knows that he’s no longer capable of playing at a major league level, or whether the money has warped his objectivity and he believes he can still do it if he just figures out the right training regimen and approach.   Players are pretty capable of self-delusion even without 23 mm reasons to delude themselves each year.       
    • Nicorette is available.  How about we all chip in and send him a case...  He can chew 10 at a time then.  He'll back to his old self in no time!
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