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Miguel Castro traded to Mets for LHP Kevin Smith and SS Victor Gonzalez

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2 minutes ago, OrioleDog said:

Outpitched Emerson Hancock, two years his junior, for the 2018 Bulldogs, though he had the Junior/Freshman edge there.


4/1 K/BB in FSL most of last year, kept it to 2/1 in his AA cup of coffee late.

6-5 200 conjures picture of a Matusz-sized lefty.

Hope his face doesn't turn bright red from exertion by his 6th or 7th pitch on a 75 degree day.

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I know this guy will be excited for the opportunity with our organization... but I know deep down, you have to feel at least a little disappointed when you no longer play for a team named the Rumble Ponies.

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Bummer to lose Castro who seemed like we finally fixed a little bit. Throwing 99 with a 13.8 k rate. That doesn't grow on trees.

BUT, we get a 23 year old lefty SP candidate with a good pedigree? Yes, please. It's a bittersweet trade for me as I like Castro, but you have to make that trade all day. 

Plus PTBNL or cash.

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Keith Law had him as the Mets 8th best prospect.


Smith was the Mets’ seventh-round pick in 2018 out of the University of Georgia and made significant strides in his first full pro season, dominating High A and finishing with six starts in Double A. He’s mostly a two-pitch guy now, with solid-average velocity but explosive life on the fastball and an out pitch breaking ball that helped him hold lefties to a .271 OBP last year. His changeup was a 30 in college and it’s more like a 40 now, so the trend is good but the improvement can’t stop there if he wants to start. His stuff plays up because he’s 6-5 and extends very well over his front side. It’s starter-upside if the third pitch gets close to average.[/quote]

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    • Context. He hit very well in spells in Bowie, but tended to get hurt and start slowly when he came back. So,  his cumulative stats MAY not be an indicator of his true talent. Additionally, the coaches/management see him and have the modern equipment to better evaluate that question (e.g., his true talent, expected future performance) than "old" stats like batting average in the context of injuries might indicate. With that said, I'm not convinced that his true talent actually matches his original hype when signed by the Dodgers or traded to the O's. Tony's write-ups raise serious questions in that regard, so I don't think you're wrong to want to see some performance before promoting him. But I suspect the people you're arguing with in this thread actually agree about that point.
    • Bananas are yellow right?       https://www.crayola.com/explore-colors/banana-mania.aspx  
    • So, by your post above, you agree that the Iglesias trade does fit into what we'd expect Elias to be doing ("building inventory"), correct? As for free agents, I can imagine him wanting to spend BIG in a place where he might not think we have answers during a competitive period. So at SS or 2B, for example, I'd expect he might hold off on a big name guy because he might think we have our own big name guys 2-3 years away, so the paying part wouldn't make sense re: a competitive team. Same for 3B, outfield, catcher and even pitcher. I honestly think that 90% of what he's doing is consistent with what I would expect him to do given a complete rebuild. The one part I agree with is the opportunity to take on bigger contracts in exchange for more prospects. I too wish we'd go that route. I think the next level example of that is signing a guy like Cobb (e.g., more expensive than Iglesias) and hoping for performance so you can trade him. I think the cost/risk equation there gets a little out of hand though. 
    • OH ... 15.5 ... Thanks for helping make my point 🍺
    • I live in a world where you prove you deserve a promotion. Producing at your current role is the indicator. Most players produce less at the majors than they did in the minors....Notice I said most! Analytics helps and I'm happy we have them. But they stats are the stats and why think a guy is ready to do better at the majors than he's done at AA? .262 is pretty mediocre. What is it about Bowie that would lead you to believe that he'd do better at the majors. Scenario ..... its 2021 in July and Diaz is hitting .260/.315/750 at AA. Why do you think he'd be better against MLB pitching? Analystics? I'm pretty sure they are using the same data in the minors now right?
    • I agree with you and Frobby, circumstances rather than any actual numbers threshold. And I think the bolded is the best and simplest way to phrase it. Next man up.
    • But it was my thought!  Lol. Going forward, I will think it and Jerios will post it.
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