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Moose Milligan

Where's Pedro Severino fit in the future?

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It would be interesting to know how much the clubs are paying attention to this and if you start to see teams caring a lot less about arms behind the plate.

And if that happens, you also wonder if teams take advantage of that and try to steal more.

I also wonder if managers are relaying this info to the point where pitchers basically stop paying attention to the runner on first.  Sometimes, that distraction is a killer.  

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Hoiles's last few years are the worst in my memory - 23/21/22 percent caught against ever increasing volume.

96 SB in 126 games

74 SB in 87 games

98 SB in 83 games

It was a slippery slope getting worse and worse - he was only catching low 20's because sluggers were going.  Every single/walk felt like a double.

I think today the calculus is 10 Mike Trout SB attempts equals X percent of an IL stint, and the bases mostly aren't worth it.  Until sometimes maybe they are in October.

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Varitek had three seasons with over 100 allowed.  Of course those Boston teams were known for now worrying about controlling the running game.

For his career he caught 23% (league average 30%) but I think it is fair to say you had folks testing him that wouldn't have been running otherwise.

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49 minutes ago, Lucky_13 said:

Never played above High A

The Player's Union should file a grievance on his behalf.  Obviously this is going to severely impact his career in a negative manner. 

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Should we sell “high” on Severino, Alberto and Nunez, this offseason?  All will be in Arbitration in 2021.

As much as I love this team, I think it’s a stretch to see them “contend” in 2021. We just don’t have the SP. 

Longterm we have AR for C. We have Vavra, Hall, and Bannon in play for 2B longterm. With Valaika and Martin, already in the mix. We’ll be ok filling 1B in the short and longterm. 

It’s a chance to really sell role player types that could fit on a contending team now, but would allow us to get players in higher positions of need for our “run” in 2022+. 

What could they fetch?  The Givens package?

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2 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:

Should we sell “high” on Severino, Alberto and Nunez, this offseason?  All will be in Arbitration in 2021.

Severino is the one of those that I can best imagine attaining some actual market value.


The team will need to wait out the Realmuto bidding for the good teams that need a catcher.  If we just guess the Phillies retain, the bottom-tier catching situations from this summer on clubs that perhaps mean to contend in 2021 look like:

COL - happy to do business with them again

DET - Schoop repping the former Oriole brand well

WAS - haha.  Imagine the WS tenure helps the incumbents

CIN - will try not to have a Tyler Mahle infatuation here, they could maybe use Alberto too.  Nunez as fill-in with Votto salary relief?

NYM - ibid Colorado

HOU - do Elias Sig still have some nuanced favorites even James Click doesn't have his arms around yet?

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On 9/9/2020 at 1:11 PM, BohKnowsBmore said:

He's currently got an .859 OPS with a .388 OBP (136 WRC+) - He's been worth 0.5 fWAR/bWAR in 26 games/85 PA. That's a 3-win player over 500 PA. Overall numbers are dragged down by a bad 2018, but 2017, 2019, and 2020 are all respectable to very good by catcher standards.

This is where Sisco is today the 19th. He has improved, in K and BB rats especially, but I don’t think anyone is going to be in a rush to trade anything meaningful for him. His defense remains bad and he offers nothing as a runner. 

32.4 K rate
.340 BABIP
.235 AVG
.381 OBP
125 WRC

.03 fWAR

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On 9/9/2020 at 7:04 PM, ChuckS said:

Zero passed balls for Sisco. Three for Pedro.

Sisco has caught 2 of 9 base stealers. Severino 0 for 5.  These stats seem negligible.  

Both are slightly in the plus column for dWAR.  

Maybe someone else wants to provide the advance stats.

As of 9-19
0 PB
13 WP
-3 dRS
-2.7 dWAR 

Overall 0.3 fWAR

5 PB
15 WP
dWAR. 04

Overall .7 fWAR 

I included wild pitches Because it can be debatable whether the blame should be on the catcher or the pitcher, but Sisco Is clearly better at stopping pitches.
But neither of these guys will make any other team go googly eyed.

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4 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:


What could they fetch?  The Givens package?

I would not think so. We got a lot for Givens. 

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    • Mayo says "If you told me (Adley) would be in Baltimore by the All Star break, I would have no trouble believing that." And Steve Melewski says Elias has indicated that Adley will begin the season at AA.     I have not hear either of this things before. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/11/talking-os-farm-with-mlbpipelinecoms-jonathan-mayo.html  
    • I’d let Severino walk and draft PJ Higgins from the Cubs. Plus  arm, solid defensive catcher, developing bat, flexibility to play a  couple other  positions including 3B.   https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2020/02/27/p-j-higgins-development-and-his-play-in-mesa-make-you-wonder-about-his-big-league-roster-viability/
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    • I think not offering these guys arbitration will be very unpopular to the average fan and viewed as cheap.   who cares about Sanchez who is a utility player at best due to his bat. I’d like to see Alberto return but I’d be okay with Valaika as the everyday starter at. 2B.
    • The non tender date is December 2nd.  8 days away.   It may provide insight into what the O's infield will look like is 2021. The O's have 7 salary arbitration eligible players.   Mancini, Sanchez, Alberto, Santander, Severino, Valaika and Armstrong. Safe:   Mancini and Santander will be offered arbitration.   Elias does not have to negotiate their contracts before Dec 2nd. Worth the money:  Armstrong has projections between 700k and 1m.  He is probably worth the money so Elias probably offers him arbitration which will have little impact of the payroll. Elias needs to make decisions  on whether to sign these players or non tender them by December 2nd: Sanchez:  Cots Contracts projects him at 4M.  That is probably too rich for the O's.  His Gold Glove would be a defensive upgrade at 2B and a backup at SS.   He can also play 3B.  His projected production is in the 660 OPS range.  So it would be a defense over offense signing.   Sanchez made 4.6 in 2019 but was non tendered to avoid arbitration by the White Sox prior to the 2020 season.  With Iglesias a 3.5m,  Elias probably wants a salary below that for Sanchez.   Its probably sign by Dec 2nd or be non tendered is my guess.  Iglesias and Sanchez could be quite a keystone pair if he signs. Alberto:  Projects to be close to a  400 OBP and a 900 OS vs lefties in a platoon.   He has been in the low 600s OPS vs righties.  His defense is average at 2B and 3B.   MLBTR projects him somewhere between 2.3m and 4.1m.  Elias will not want to go to arbitration with him.   He will have to agree to something close to the low end of this range to stay.   My guess is it has to happen by Dec 2nd or he will be non tendered. Severino:   The O's would probably like to keep him until Rutschman is ready.   MLBTR projects his salary to be between   1.4m and 2.3m.  The O's would probably be fine with something on the lower end of that range.  Wynns has been kept on the 40 man roster in case they can not agree.   My guess is he has to sign before December 2nd or be non tendered.     Valaika:   Raised his value last year with a 791 OPS.  The improvement is probably because he played almost everyday. That was  at multiple positions.   He probably will not be needed in the outfield or at 1B this coming season.  His best position is 2B but he can play SS or 3B.  MLBTR projects him for a salary between 1.1m to 1.9m.   O's would probably like to see if he can duplicate his OPS in 2021 and would be fine with something on the lower end of that range.   He probably has to be signed by Dec 2nd.   Depending on how this works out and what Elias sees on the waiver wire will determine next seasons infield.  Ruiz will also come to compete for a spot in ST if he is able to stay on the roster throughout he off season.   JMO..... What do you think?    
    • So, the other Rule Five thread was getting cumbersome and obsolete, so I started a new thread. Feel free to move it if deemed proper. I think we’re looking for an infielder rather than a pitcher because we have so many in house pitchers who need a chance and are-probably-ready for a chance that it makes better sense to focus on them than to bring in an outsider, even one with upside, who will take a roster spot. Also, middle relievers Are plentiful, and Just like we got a bunch of warm bodies last year, and a few stuck, we can do the same this time without the R5 restrictions. With that in mind: Brewers Lewis Erceg  has good defense, a strong arm, a past as a pitcher and is big and solid. One wonders if he doesn’t fix hit hitting problems, if he might return to pitching? Blue Jays Kevin Smith: good defender, not much bat yet, but smart. Nobody else really stuck out for me, but I was focusing on SS and 3B. Wish Luke were here...grrr Who do you like and why?  And do you think we’re going to even bother? Waiver pickups are as cheap and don’t have the R5 restrictions. Maybe we’ll pass? I think we will participate, but...
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