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Pat Hoberg Home Plate Ump 9/11 2nd Game

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Pat Hoberg home plate uump 2nd game 9/11  appears to toss someone most games.and doing some research apparently this young ump already has a bad rep. The worst part is he admits he has bad games. Its been said many times some guys are better home plate umps than others. The bad ones should not be behind the plate.


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If he can’t work behind the plate he shouldn’t be doing MLB games. As a football official I can tell you that sports officiating is very in the click type work. The best officials don’t always get the most or best work. The officers of the organizations often think they are much better than they really are. Promotion to a higher lever , better games , or more games often requires what I’m mentioning.

I have officiated in Maryland and Georgia for 25 years. I’m a good official but don’t buy into the click stuff. It usually costs me games, especially playoff assignments as the season winds down.


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8 hours ago, Frobby said:

In 2018, Hobert was found to be the 9th best umpire in MLB at calling balls and strikes from 2008-18, 7th best in 2018.    .   


Nice article. The findings show 10 consecutive years of improving home plate umpire accuracy from '08 to '18, with the overall miss rate dropping from 16% to 9% in that span. 

Amazing to see how much worse they still are-- 20% inaccurate-- at calling called strike 3s in particular. 

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