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Orioles-Yankees 9/12 1:05 PM

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2 minutes ago, TINSTAAPP said:

Severino is a terrible defensive catcher Sisco should be behind the plate every day and Severino should be the every day DH.

He didn’t even bother to try to smother the ball that got by him. No idea what he was doing. Trying to back hand a ball in the dirt? Drop the glove and get in front of it. 

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3 llllllInnings Pitched

1 lllllHit )(1 Triple

0 lllllRuns

0 lllllWalks

1 llllllStrikeout 

42 llllPitches )(28 )Strikes, )14 )Balls.)



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    • We do get to see about half the Next Good Team's lineup while waiting for the Baysox.   Last year with Hanser the Orioles truly lapped the field at swinging at pitches outside the strike zone; 29 teams were between 27% and 34%, the Orioles were 37%.   I looked at August/September individually, and also the last 10 years team-wise, through AJ and Buck's Contact to Damage ratio years.   All numbers from FG. August 2020 - 164 qualified batters (O-Swing% Rank): Severino 74th, Ruiz 111th, Nunez 153rd, Santander 155th, Alberto 164th September 2020 - 161 qualified Stewart 74th, Ruiz 87th, Mullins 111th, Mountcastle 150th (filling Santander's shoes rather precisely in the Bottom 10%), Alberto 161st In 2020, the Best 3 Teams at this were LAD/NYY/SDP, the Worst BOS/DET/BAL Team-wise for 2011-2020, the Orioles annual rank among the 30 clubs: 23rd, 23rd, 23rd, 27th, 29th, 25th, 28th, 27th, 24th, 30th.    Somewhat astonishingly, for the combined 2011-2020 period, one other team did out-hack the Orioles.    The Best 5 for the last decade were OAK/CLE/LAD/NYY/TB, the Worst 5 were COL/DET/KCR/BAL/CHW.   We do at least have a ballpark where a Walk isn't as valuable as in the Oakland Coliseum. Which pitches to swing at, and how well you can hit them, there's a lot of nuance, but for the most part not swinging at balls is plainer.   I think I've only heard Jim Palmer say, "You throw enough strikes to make them swing at balls" about 833 times.
    • I was thinking that Sanchez could backup SS according what Elias hinted when Sanchez was signed.  But Hyde just said in the last few days that he will play 2B and may get some time at 3B.  No mention of SS. As long as Martin is projected to begin the season at AAA, I guess the only other alternative to Valaika in camp is Mejias-Brean.  Of course, Elias could bring in someone else.  
    • Shorter answer, who doesn't have something to prove?
    • $13.75 mm, on top of his signing bonus.    I’d take that over whatever’s behind Door No. 2.   
    • I don’t see Valaika’s spot as that secure, if someone shows they can back up SS better than he can.  I’d give him a 75% chance of making the OD roster.  
    • Same as ever. Who makes the backend of the starting rotation and longman roles. I would assume the organization already has a plan and they will go with the plan unless there is an injury. They should already know what these guys are capable of.   
    • If Chris Davis unfortunately incurs a dreaded ST injury, would we do a 9th reliever? If we see anything we like in Sceroler and T. Wells, they are easy holds over Lakins/Sulser for me.   But last year we were excited about the pair of Rule 5 picks and Elias ended up on, "We're good".  If Davis healthy, Holt might have to pick between M. Harvey or Lopez for his last guy.   Reliever 9/10/11/12, just so long as there are options, they are ALL on the team.   
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