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Mountcastle rookie/prospect eligibility tracker

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1 minute ago, MurphDogg said:

If it weren't for the 7 inning double-headers and the new extra innings rule, Mountcastle might have gotten those 4 extra ABs.

If I recall correctly they sat Hays a game late last year to guarantee he wouldn't make the cutoff.

Do you think they would have done the same with Mountcastle?

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Some thoughts about rookie status.

This year, 75 position players made their major league debut.  Only 7 of them surpassed rookie status.    The one with the lowest number of at bats was Luis Garcia of the Nats, who had 134 at bats in 139 PA (one less PA than Mountcastle).   46 of the 75 debuted before Mountcastle, but he was 7th in total PA, 8th in AB.

Last year 98 position players debuted.    54 have lost their rookie status by now, but 44 still have it (at least, based on the AB criterion; some may have lost it on days of service).

83 position players debuted in 2018.    60 have lost rookie status, 23 still have it (based on AB).

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11 hours ago, Philip said:

Rookie or not I hope he learns to open his glove when the second Baseman throws to him.

It does happen - to wit - DJ Stewart's catch yesterday in RF!  Now one may argue that the difficulty made it actually "easier" to glove the ball instinctively but whatevs.  I was happy to see DJ make those two tough plays yesterday and was happy to see RM glove his last PO tightly.  😋

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It's banter fodder, but I also think it is kind of a nothingburger.   If Super 2 is taken away, an artificial "Rookie of the Year" shot the following season probably has more upside for the player than the club for those future arb hearings. 

The club gets that sweet sweet prospect rankings bump (Kremer Top 100 now?)

I just saw the story about new rules yesterday disqualifying Adell and some others next year due to service time; Mountcastle was not addressed, but I think he's still good as since 8/21 it was only about 40 days.  The gist of the story seemed to be you got credit for September 2020 days and if you exceeded 45 days you lost rookie status regardless of your AB or IP total.

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2 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

Remember when we didn't understand why Mountcastle didn't get called up after the apparent super 2 deadline had passed?  Then a few days later he did get called up?

There is no such thing as an apparent Super 2 deadline, especially this year.    

It is my understanding that every day of service time this year counts as 2.8 days, for FA/Arb eligibility purpose.    Looks like Mountcastle was up for 38 days which translates to 106 days of service.    We won’t know the cutoff date until the end of 2022 (by which time there will be a new CBA and Lord knows if Super-2 will still exist or how it will be determined).   

Last winter the super 2 cutoff was 2.115 (Josh Hader), lowest in a decade.    Mountcastle’s 106 sets him up to be lower than that at the end of 2022.   Whether that’ll keep him out of Super-2 is anyone’s guess.   The Brewers probably thought they were safe bringing up Hader in 2017 considering that the cutoff had been above 2.130 each of the previous three years and hadn’t been below 2.122 this decade.    But they were wrong.   And I’d imagine the whole pattern of callups was different this year because of the short season, so it’s really hard to know what to expect.   

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4 hours ago, Frobby said:

I can see you are being snarky, but where is your evidence that the O’s manipulated Mountcastle’s playing time to preserve his rookie status? He played every single game after his call-up.    The only game he didn’t start was the first game of a doubleheader, three weeks before the season ended, and even in that game he game in during the middle of the game and got 2 at bats.  He only had 6 games in which he had less than four plate appearances, and in five of those he played the entire game.   Over the last 17 games, he batted 3rd or 4th every game, not something you’d do with a rookie if you were trying to keep his at bats down.   

In short, I see no evidence that the O’s tried to manage Mountcastle to the 130 at bat standard.   He stayed under it himself by walking 11 times and having three other plate appearances that didn’t count as an at bat.   

While I’m on the subject, it’s crazy in this day and age that rookie status depends on AB rather than PA.    Two guys come up to the majors, one two days after the other, and they each play every game the rest of the year.    The first guy has 145 PA and walks 16 times.    The other has 137 PA and walks 7 times.    The first guy keeps rookie status and the second guy doesn’t— that makes no sense whatsoever.  

The rule really needs to be updated to plate appearances. It's pretty ridiculous that it's still AB like a walk doesn't count towards being a rookie or not.

Saying that, it will be nice to know Mountcastle will be a rookie next year. If he hits anywhere near what he did this year he will certainly have a great chance to be the Orioles first rookie of the year since Gregg Olson in 1989. 

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While I think an argument could be made that it is possible that Super 2 status plays a role in a team's thinking, I really don't think that rookie status matters at all to MLB teams, as far as roster management is concerned.  I don't see any real benefit to the team whether a player keeps his rookie status or not.  I just don't think that teams really care all that much about offseason prospect rankings.  Fans care far more about things like that than teams do, IMO.  Teams do, however, have an incentive to keep a player out of Super 2 status, whether they will admit to it or not.

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    • Thanks for the comments and offers of support. I do have DISH, so I have access to the playoff games.  When 10 PM rolls around I turn off the TV regardless and check the scores after I wake up. The biggest reason I have DISH is I absolutely love Formula 1 on ESPN.  The offtimes hapless Ferraris are much improved. With the Competitive Balance picks and larger international bonus pools MLB is attempting to balance the playing field.
    • Wow!  You young whippersnappers suck the life out of everything!  I don't see stoics - I see wads of chaw in player's grill, pearls dangling before swine, bats flipping everywhere, umps missing calls, sunflower seeds spit on dugout floors, water going in and quickly spit out rather than swallowing.  It's a cornucopia of action and style.  I see donnybrooks and butcher boys and great pieces of hitting.  I see wonderful, graceful catches, errors of commission and omission, dropped balls, bats splitting and balls hitting roofs and called dingers!  True, one never knows when the action will occur but that is my magic - the serendipity, the surprise, the glory of victory and the agony of defeat (to coin a term).  But alas, I am an OG .....   😇 Carry on!
    • I would not say just fine. The big market teams have an easier path. Tampa is not always competitive, they won 68 games in 2016 and below .500 every year 2014-2017. They were a doormat from 98-07. Yes, it is possible for small markets to succeed but I think it is a lot more difficult than sports with salary caps.
    • The problem with baseball is that there is no activity on the bases. Any idiot watching the replay of a home run knows how boring it is. Most of the time you can’t even find the ball in the view screen, you just see a camera panning in an arc across the crowd, A runner stoically trotting around the bases, and a pitcher with an inscrutable look on his face. Then 15 seconds of high-fives,the new batter takes the plate and it repeats. The goal of a baseball game is excitement, and there is none. I mean there’s some, and as old-school as I am, I am excited by every single pitch, but everything organizations due to present the game is stupid. I’ve complained about in-game interviews that take place over the gameplay, on the grounds that the assumption is that talking with some old baseball celebrity is more important than the next pitch. Well if that is true, why bother watching? The announcers are boring, they don’t talk intelligently and they don’t talk well, which are two different things. The field cameras are so badly arranged that you watch a pitch to the plate, then you watch a hit, and then you miss important field activity while the camera angle switches. In one of the final season Tampa games, A runner on third stole home and we didn’t even see the play, Because the camera was on the pitcher.  In the famous final playoff game five of last year’s World Series, where several consecutive errors by the dodger Defense allowed Arozarena to come all the way around and score, we never saw the whole play because the camera angle kept switching. Even the replays never showed a field view so a viewer could the entire play without camera-switching. We need to have much more activity on the bases, but it would be so much more exciting if we could actually SEE everything happening. That’s such a simple problem and it’s so easy to fix, the only reason it isn’t is because there’s no insight, there’s no awareness of what is being presented or how.
    • Very nice write-up, Tony.   I agree Rutschman may not hit for average as much as we like.   At the same time, the power I saw was tremendous.   I saw video of maybe 18 or 20 of his 23 homers, and there wasn’t a wall-scraper in the bunch.   Many were tremendous blasts.   Playing in OPACY, I think he’s a 35+ homer guy in his prime.    Even though the team probably won’t be very good in 2022, just watching Rutschman develop and the impact he has on the team will be reason enough to watch.     
    • Teams have largely stayed away from him.  They talked yesterday that Averett is the most targeted corner in the league and outside of the Colts game, he has played well. (Heading into the Colts game, he had the best passer rating against in the league) However, Humphrey has been beaten on some big plays for sure.  I can’t say that I’m concerned about him but for the money he is making, they need him to make more plays.  That’s really what it boils down to.     Guys are going to have bad games and get lit up.  It happens and to Marlon’s credit, he owns up to it.  But they need him to plays and sometimes, it’s just the simple one.  He loves to go for the punch to knock out the ball but he hasn’t done it once this year but yet he keeps going for it. Teams have scouted him and are protecting the ball better. He sometimes goes for that instead of making the tackle.  That needs to stop.
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