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Orioles acquire SS Isaac DeLeon and OF Mishael Deson to complete the Bleier and Givens trades

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On 9/19/2020 at 9:41 AM, Frobby said:

No, they both had to be added to the 60-man squads of their original teams and then put on the 60-man squad of the Orioles.    I suppose that since the season is nearly over, it’s easier now to add someone to the 60-man squad and not be concerned that you’d actually need that spot for someone who might be called to the majors.    So, that explains why it’s easier to do this now instead of when the trades were made originally.    But I don’t really see any advantage to doing it now as opposed to waiting for the offseason.   

Makes sense to me.

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3 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

If it takes eight years we won't be seeing much upside.


I am going to give whoever wants to listen a perspective on these kids vs American kids.  We all know about travel baseball and what not, going into high school here and then possibly college. In these countries, DR, Cuba, Venezuela etc, kids who have some talent or if they seem somewhat athletic and you see the parents who are a 6’ women and a 6’3” guy, then at 11 or 12 years old, they pretty much ditch school(they kind of go to school) and end up in these baseball type compounds where they learn and are fed right(somewhat). Basically the handlers promise to do whatever it takes to get the kid a payday and in exchange they get a majority of the signing bonus but teach, feed and take care of the kids along the way. Parents reluctantly go with it because it is one less mouth and these guys are salesman like no other and sell the dream even though the family will see little or no money if the kids do end up going to the US. So a 12 year old is now getting the training and structure that maybe a top end high school in the US or a college kid gets. When one of these kids enters the dsl at say 16, he is basically entering as a US kid out of high school. By the time they are 18 or 19, they have had enough coaching to be at a college level kid from the US. The only thing holding these kids back is waiting for there body to catch up with the knowledge. There for a while, and still a little bit now, the handlers don’t want to wait for the kids body’s to grow and fill out, so they tell the kids they need these “vitamin” shots. At 6’3” and 170#(that is a pound sign not hashtag for you kids out there), I doubt these kids got “vitamin” shots. 
The purpose of me lining all of that out, these kids at 17-18 are more advanced than what you would get out of high school kids.  Basically we are just waiting for them to fill out a bit and hone their craft more as they do that. A 17-18 year old out of the DR or Cuba, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ready in the next two or three years if they will ever be good enough to make it to the majors. So when you say 8 years from now, we will see what we have, my case above says we will know in the next two or three years as they fill out a bit and physically mature. 

-Source=My time in Cuba, Columbia and Panama, just in case you think I am full of poop with my armchair quarterbacking or making stuff up. The Cuban kids don’t have handlers, the government really just takes the kids over and it is more like the US gymnastic team.  I could go on forever about Cuba. 

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On 9/20/2020 at 12:14 AM, Philip said:

To repeat what I said before, I was not denigrating anybody, I was just and only talking about the six players to be named later, we’ve named two of them and they are not exciting. They may be exciting one day but they’re not now and I was expressing a wish, which apparently nobody was able to pick up on, that the other guys might be a little bit more exciting. That’s all.

I am excited to see our prospect list after the 2021 season. I’d bet we have a couple exciting international guys by then.

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4 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:

We probably just completed the trade now, as opposed to waiting till the offseason, so they we could start the visa process and get these guys over here. 

When the season ends, do they shut down the development camp?

The push may be to give the team/coaches a week to actually see them and make plans for the offseason (whatever that ends up looking like).

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