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Orioles Lose 2-1 To Rays

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In this pandemic-shortened season, the Orioles seem to have lost numerous close, hard-fought games against the Rays.



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10 minutes ago, ShoelesJoe said:

Any word on José Iglesias‘ injury? 

X Rays were negative.    But I wouldn’t count on seeing him over the next several days.   

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    • I agree that most of these guys are completely replaceable...but it would likely be trading better players than these to get players that can probably be picked up for nothing.   Not sure what or who you think the Os should trade.
    • I cannot imagine how Cot’s projects Sanchez at $4 mm.   We’re talking about a guy who was non-tendered in 2019, was signed to a minor league deal by the Giants and later released, then was signed to a minor league contract by the White Sox and released again.    If the O’s offer him any kind of major league deal he should jump at it.
    • Who said anything about teams taking on these players?
    • You really think there are teams out there that want to take on these guys and go to arbitration with them?
    • I have zero desire to see Mullins get any amount of significant playing time and I have serious doubts the Os do either.  He has a spot on the team as your 4th/5th OFer type guy but he shouldn’t be anything more than that. Stewart I can see but, the team is telling us they will platoon him at best and his injury history isn’t exactly on his side. Not to mention, he does have an option remaining, so he could be in AAA.    Stewart brings a better walk rate but not sure what he can provide in the field (which isn’t much at all) makes up for anything else.  Not like Nunez is way older or super expensive. If Nunez was making 5+ million, it would be different.  But we are talking 2ish million here.  It’s nothing and his roster spot blocks nothing to begin the year. Again, this is 100% money driven...not roster management driven.
    • Right, but Stewart and Mullins get fewer AB's with Hays and Santander starting.  Also, all 3 bats you have listed are RH.  I'm not arguing the point that Nunez offers some level of relatively cheap production.  He does.  It's just that what he currently offers doesn't hold a lot of value.   My only concern, voiced by Frobby, is that a player, at 26, and after 2 years, may have another level in him.  The Orioles obvious don't feel that way about Nunez.  If Nunez is what he is, I have no problem giving his AB's to Stewart and Mullins.  If he has no trade value at all, then I can live with releasing him and saving 1.5M, or the difference between him and someone making the minimum. 
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