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Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

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12 minutes ago, Babypowder said:

wRC+ the last 7 seasons: 127, 119, 117, 111, 98, 107, 98

He's been trending down for a while. It wasn't just last year.

I guess I didn't quite communicate what I meant. 

Many have thought that 2018 was the new norm for him. Whereas I think he could still produce at a similar level of 2017 for a few more years. Doesn't mean he is in his prime any longer. But I think he is still a solid full time player. Especially if he can adjust to COF.

And I get it, those last three years show 98, 107, 98. Take the average and it's not very encouraging. But I think he can still be near 800 OPS with the bat and learn how to be average in RF. 

We'll see how it plays out. 

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1 hour ago, Bubble Buddy said:

It really is kinda crazy that a line up with Schoop, Machado, Jones, Mancini, Beckham, Trumbo, Davis (2017 was bad but not as bad as 2018) was THAT bad. More than half of those guys were in their prime or younger.

The team was very one dimensional as we know. Virtually no defense, especially switching Manny and Beckham and putting Mancini and Trumbo in the field, which was almost insulting to the game of baseball. But still. 

It's insane the 2018 Orioles were THAT bad. Far too much talent to completely implode like that.

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On 3/29/2019 at 10:45 AM, Santandah said:


Yesterday some of the guys we loved and lost -- or in the case of Tim Beckam just endured and lost -- had pretty big days. I thought it might be fun to check in on how the ex-O’s we let go during the purge of 2018 are doing throughout the year. 

I don’t think this should be a running tab of misery, but perhaps something more sentimental, because I want Adam Jones and Jon Schoop to succeed in their new homes, and I’ll always be curious about how Manny marches toward a potential date with Cooperstown. So, maybe we can track how they’re doing. 

So, no. I don’t think that this should be a place to post highlights of Josh Hader’s awesome 6-out save yesterday. That’s milk spilt long ago. 

But hey. AJ went 2-4 with a dinger leading off for the D-Backs yesterday.

Manny went hitless in his Pad’s debut, but made a great play

Tim Beckham went yard twice off of Chris Sale

And Schoop had an 0-fer

Great idea for a thread.  I still check out Atlanta to see how Markakis is doing. 

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14 minutes ago, NCRaven said:

It's April.  Check back in August and let me know how Adam's doing.  Loved him but it was time to move on.  (What a buzzkill!)

What if he has a career year?  I think he is more likely than Schoop to bounce back. 

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5 hours ago, atomic said:

What if he has a career year?  I think he is more likely than Schoop to bounce back. 

Why?   Based on age, I’d say Schoop’s chances are better.    That said, Adam is the more consistent player.    His BA and OBP were in his normal range, he just needs several doubles to be homers this year.    Schoop needs to get his BA up considerably.   

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Old buddy Jeremy Hellickson with the icing on Bryce Harper's return to DC!  😨

And it was Jeremy Hellickson, a starter moonlighting in relief, allowing Harper’s 458-foot home run in the eighth.


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    • Oh, I don’t agree with it, but after years of having arguments about “sunk costs” I’m left without any other impression.  In my mind, including Davis when the team was horrible, and now Severino or Franco, these guys are taking the roster spot of someone more deserving. Not always, but there’s a pretty good case for someone to take any of those spots.
    • Per MLB rules online, the ball is live if it is “unintentional interference.”
    • He was emptying the tank there.   The first inning or two, he was slower.   The first touch of 94-95 I noticed wasn't until a few innings along, on a 2 out 2 strike pitch.   But he really seemed to pick up steam in the middle. Hartford seemed kind of terrible, but at least he held serve, if not a little more.   On the Either/Or, I'd easily pick Rodriguez still.
    • It was Roth followed by Roth tonight in Delmarva.   I don’t recall that happening before with them.  
    • For the second time in a couple of weeks, an Orioles ball boy touched a fair ball that bounced in his direction tonight and the ball was ruled dead when he touched it. Unlike the other incident, this ball literally came right at the ball boy’s chair. He barely had to move his glove to a spot maybe 18 inches under his lap.  He was mightily embarrassed when he realized his mistake.   The other incident was more egregious, though neither was good and the the ball boy/girl supervisor really needs to call a meeting and let all these kids know it’s an unacceptable mistake.  (I saw another ball boy/girl do this in a recent O’s road game, I believe). That said, here’s my question.  Assume the kid jumps from his chair and the ball either rattles around under the chair or ricochets off one of the legs and back out.   In either instance, Is that a live ball? I think the kid is supposed to try to move the chair to avoid those scenarios, but I’m still curious what the ruling would  be.   By the way, a few innings later the same ball boy did a nice job of snagging a foul ball that had bounced off the side wall and was about to go into the field of play.   The fans sitting over there cheered him, something I doubt they would have done normally but they did it to, quite literally, “cheer him up” after his prior mistake.  Classy move.  
    • I don’t mind it much when the TV guys do it, since you can see the action.  It bothers me more on radio, where you’re dependent on the announcers to know what’s going on.   A skilled announcer can do an interview between the action but describe the game decently at the same time, and minimize the spillover.   
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