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Pat Kelly

2021 Draft

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Should have seen this coming when it meant the Red Sox had a shot at a top 3 pick. Red Sox and Nats are clearly deserving of top-5 picks.

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28 minutes ago, Pat Kelly said:

Looks like it will be based on 2020 W-L records.  Next 6 games will make a difference in terms of having a Top 5/Top 10 pick.

Yikes, I'm really surprised it wasn't a hybrid between 2019 and 2020. Seems a bit unfair that a 60 game schedule with 7-inning no headers and severely uneven schedules should decide the draft order completely. 

I guess the only good news is this isn't official yet.

The article states, ESPN.com’s Jeff Passan reports that teams’ 2020 records are “highly likely” to be used to determine the order of selection.

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This is awful. I appreciate Tony’s typo about “No Headers”

This is technically real baseball, but even for the most malleable fan, this cant possibly be taken by itself in any kind of determination. Realistically, the draft order should of course use last year’s results. Does the league leader in complete games get a laugh emoji next to this name? Is there a separate category for “double header CGs”? And so on.

Lots of fun stats this season, but they shouldn’t determine draft order by themselves.

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As an Orioles fan, I obviously want 2019 standings to have an impact as well to improve the pick, that said, I understand if it's just 2020.

Is it a shortened season? Yes. Is the abbreviated season not truly indicative for a marathon sport like baseball? Also, true.

That said, if we are using this 60-game season to ultimately determine a World Series champion, it makes sense to use it to determine the draft, too. I don't like it. I definitely see the argument on the other side, but at the same time if it's good enough to determine the playoffs, its good enough to determine the draft. My real beef with it is this should have been decided BEFORE games were played rather than afterwards where teams, executives, etc. can campaign for what is better for them calling into question the equity of the situation.

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    • Boy that's hard. Machado might cause us to win a World Series. Would have liked to have Weiters and Davis that postseason. We definitely would have won then I believe
    • Mejia is essentially Richie Martin.  I do like the idea of picking up Robertson and/or Adeiny Hechavarria. Going into camp with Martin, Valaika, Sanchez, Ruiz, Urias, and one or both of Robertson/Hechavarria should get us through the season.  We also have Stevie Wilkerson back in AAA,  and I suppose Bannon and McCoy are of that age of do or die; so they could get a shot. If the O's can spend 40 million over 4 years on the Korean SS Kim and spread the cash 3, 7, 10, 20 to alleviate the bill while we shed Cobb and Davis (would back loading it be attractive to a FA since Covid my cut into salaries again?).  I think its a good gamble because we are starting to build enough young SS depth in the system, yet it probably won't be truly developed for another 3 to 5 years.  When Kim's contract would be up, we would hopefully have a couple options ready in AAA/AA ready to go. Signing Kim would allow use to take a chance at being competitive in 2022 and 2023 while we wait for the our next star SS to develop for the long haul. If they go big and sign Kim, I would go with Sanchez at 2B and let Valaika, Ruiz, Martin, and Urias battle it out for 3B and a utility role or two.  You could still sign one of Robertson/Hechavarria to come in for that roster battle.  In the end, if you could space out Kim's contract, the next two seasons could still be fairly cost effective.  You are taking the risk on years 3 and 4.  If Kim ends up flopping that 20 million in year 4 would be a bummer, but at least the last few years of Davis and Cobb have softened that potential blow a little bit.  If we strike gold on Kim and our young pitching and position players start blossoming, it could get exciting by next season, which would be 2 years early based on my initial predictions with the rebuild.
    • I dont know about you all, but watching the stars of my youth playing out their careers while being an embarrassment to the game is absolutely heartbreaking to me.  I like how football does contracts with a portion being guaranteed and a portion, typically the last year or two not guaranteed.  Football contracts are typically much shorter.  I think it’s partially steroid related, but these baseball players seems to hit a cliff in their low 30s now.  Obviously this isn’t true for all players, but these massive contracts seem terrible for the game.     any thoughts on how to make baseball contracts better? The obvious answer would be to not give out foolish contracts, but that always happens as gms are understandably short sighted.  
    • Another gem.   Love hearing these stories of how it was in the old days.     https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-conversation-with-1960s-slugger-jim-gentile-part-one/ https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-conversation-with-1960s-slugger-jim-gentile-part-two/
    • Hope you are right.  Elias would probably go that high and Galvis would be a good defensive SS to have as an Oriole.
    • I’m going to guess that he will be lucky to get 2.5M this year and I would think that number will be high.
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