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9-22 The Bosox welcome the Os

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Just now, SteveA said:

Damn, the Nats walked off the second game of their doubleheader to stay mathematically alive.

I was ready to taunt my Nats fan friends with the fact that they were eliminated and we could still wi. It all.

And I'd have to get my taunting in quickly because an hour from now the Orioles would likely have joined the.  

But alas, the Nats pulled it out and they will survive until tomorrow.

Hey, maybe we will too.

They'll make the playoffs, win the World Series and get a higher draft pick than the Orioles.

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24 minutes ago, Beef Supreme said:

Maybe. But I have hair and I am not trying to pull it out. First Base is not such an "easy" position.

I think there are three parts to playing to first base. The first is fielding batted balls, ground balls, popups that sometimes have lots of spin, and line drives. If you've come up as in infielder, especially at 3B,  that should come pretty easily. 

The second is receiving throws, including the footwork on covering the bag an stretching. I've always thought that can be learned quickly. Obviously, less agile and flexible guys will pick it up more slowly and not as well. It helps to be tall and/or left-handed.

The third is the plays that are unique to first base: deciding whether to field a grounder to the right side or cover the base, flips to the pitcher covering, fielding bunts, deciding when to try for force outs (on attempted 3-6-3 double plays and otherwise), fielding wild throws, coming off the base and swipe tagging, tagging on pickoff attempts. That kind of things. Those are the plays that cause most of the trouble for guys who wash out at other defensive positions and are put at first with limited practice and no game experience there.

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1 minute ago, Orioles4Life21 said:

Garceau is so bad 

Give him a bit of a break because he's sitting in Camden Yards calling the game off a monitor.

But my immediate thought when the hit went into right was that Rio would have to hold up.

Of course my monitor is probably a lot bigger amd better than Garceau's.

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