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9-24 Bosox Finale

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Not including the runner who was caught stealing, 90% of the Outs that Cobb recorded (18 out of 20) came via the Groundout and the Strikeout. ) O.o

Cobb's ERA went down from 4.76 to 4.30, his WHIP went down from 1.368 to 1.338, and OBA up from .251 to .252. 



21 OUTS: )  10 Groundouts (Including 4 Double Plays), 4 Strikeouts, 2 Flyouts, 1 Caught Stealing                    





H:lllll6 ) l(6 Singles)

R:llll 1

BB:ll2 ) *


Pitches: l) 89 )(60 )Strikes, )29 )Balls)

2020 ERA: l) 4.30 )  52.33 IP  (25 ER) 

2020 WHIP: l)  1.338  )  52.33 IP  (70 H/BB) 

2020 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)  .252  )(52 for 206)   


* )) Cobb also had 1 Hit Batsman




13  lll(81 l.Strikes, l.llBalls)

21  lll(13 llStrikes, l.l.Balls)

13  lll(91 llStrikes, lllllBalls)

12  lll(91 llStrikes, lllllBalls)

12  lll(61 llStrikes, ll.llBalls)

10  lll(81 llStrikes, lllllBalls)

81  lll(71 llStrikes, lllllBalls)



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Dennis Eckersley: ) 50% of Patrick Valaika's 8 Home Runs (l4 out of 8l) this season have come against the Red Sox.



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1 hour ago, SteveA said:

Angel & Mantra recently retired.  Hunter, Thorne, Palmer, Dempsey, Davis all 70ish.  Looks like they brought back veteran Garceau to hold the prime TV spot while the young crew breaks in on the radio and I guess they hope 1 or 2 of Brown, Arnold, Newman, Hollander will be keepers and eventually inherit the #1 TV spot.

Right.   I have listened to very little radio this year, but have really liked Geoff Arnold the few times I’ve heard him.    

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    • In his morning article Roch is speculating 5/40 with 7 million to his KBO team.    Zero chance this O’s participate. But, I think it would be a bold move for the Orioles. If you subtract the 3.5 that they would’ve paid Iglesias if they kept him the net is really only 4 million per season including the posting. They are likely gonna bring in another experienced short stop and likely pay him 2-3 million.    Spend the saved 3.5 million and divert the 2-3 from the scrap heap guy that they are going to sign. If he hits you can deal him later for a pile and if not he’s a marginal risk at best coming out of your tv money. They have saved the amount to cover his contract over the last few seasons to cover its entirety
    • MLB Pipeline did a Top 10 on their podcast this week, including shreds on I guess NCAA sophomores who like Kjerstad in February/March may have done stuff for a few weeks.  It also acquainted me with the demographics of the basket where 1-5 will be one of them. Pirates 1 - Lawlar the HS shortstop Rangers 2 - Kumar Tigers 3 - McClain, some Madrigal-sized middle infielder from UCLA, maybe/maybe not SS Red Sox 4 - del Castillo, some slugging catcher from "The U" deemed best hitter in draft Orioles 5 - Leiter (I'd be glad with this outcome for polish going towards 2022 usefulness) D'Backs 6 - Jake Hill, the LSU right-hander, non-Vanderbilt best of SEC rest.   Guessing Ben may know him some. Royals 7 - Jud Zabian, Florida OF    <mock now at 6 straight NCAA after the high school SS character who seems impossible to get to 1-5> <hosts say these Top 7 are a clear tier in whatever order they fall> Rockies 8 - Alex Vanellas, Louisville 3B Angels 9 - Marcelo Mayer, high school SS #2 Mets 10 - James Wood, IMG Academy high school OF <nary a high school pitcher in these 10, though with draft pushed back to July, the Nick Bitsko analogs born in 2003 will have some extra time to strut their stuff, in case the next Kerry Wood, Josh Beckett or Dylan Bundy can only Netflix and chill right now>    
    • I would dangle him to anyone whi would take him. I didn't want him back at any cost let alone 1.8M
    • He is so streaky that when he is in his funk he will be worse than the MIF we run out there.
    • https://halohangout.com/2020/07/13/angels-garrett-stallings-summer-camp/ An Angels fansite report when he later got to their 60 this summer cites a curve as the Junior year difference maker. Their source for that this campus story https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Tennessee-Vols-Baseball-Vols-Garrett-Stallings-selected-in-fifth-round-of-MLB-Draft-132589216/ also has the details he was their 2019 Friday night guy even with Crochet on the team. His Perfect Game blurb from high school times mentioned three-quarters to over the top arm angle, gee whiz. Who knows if he could have had Kevin Smith's 2019 in parallel universe 2020?   SEC trade imports links them, but Smith actually doing it including a little AA success is a big credit in his favor for the moment.
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