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2021 26 Man Roster Management?

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5 minutes ago, wildcard said:

My guess:

If they trade Cobb at the deadline they will already have paid 2/3s of his salary.   If Elias can dump half of Cobb's salary for a Dominican player that will probably never make the majors......he is gone.

I don't know Elias plans for Diaz but if he think he will be promoted by some time in May he will need to find at bats for him.   Nunez  staying on a 30 homer pace means he could make 2 or 3 million in arbitration.   I don't see Elias paying that when he can replace him with a current O's prospect make less than 600K.  

Alberto will be a one and a half years from FA in July.  So if someone makes an offer that gets Elias a good return Alberto  is gone.  Valaika is almost the same player.   Hit lefties but not righties.  Plays a decent 2B with some versatility.  And Valaika will be cheaper by a million or two.

Davis probably stays on the 26 man roster so they can see if there is a work stoppage in the next two years that saves the O's part of his salary.   So the bench is Davis, a catcher, an outfielder and an infielder that can play SS well enough to backup Iglesias.   With Martin at AAA to start the season Elias has to go find that player.  





Hays should be on the IL by then.

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    • So, to be clear, you think every player in the system should be brought up to the major league team?  As others have said, it is easy now, in hindsight, to say that Elias should have seen that Yaz was going to be a star in the three weeks of spring training he had to look at him, after an uninspiring minor league career under the previous regime, but that just seems to be an unreasonable assessment of Elias, IMO.
    • You can’t blame Elias for not seeing it coming though. 
    • I don’t think he should have had much of a chance. I wish we were smart enough to see it coming. That’s whT I’m disappointed in and what I don’t want to happen in the future.
    • Yaz played the instrument for years and wasn’t good.  He deserved nothing and didn’t earn anything.
    • Yeah, I don't consider returning a Rule 5 guy to be a fail.  In fact, it is the most likely result, league-wide.  I really consider taking Rule 5 shots at guys to be a matter of nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Also, IMO, picking up stop gap players and have them turn out to be exactly that isn't really a fail, either.  Sure, I'd like to see us strike gold on one of these guys, but I can't say that I expect it to happen.  I'm more interested in seeing how guys we acquire like Vavra and Smith turn out.
    • So? The guys we brought up for a chance, every guy brought up for a chance, as opposed to bringing up “because he is ready,” is by definition being given an opportunity that he doesn’t necessarily deserve. We risk nothing by bringing him up. I’m a musician, and I can’t judge a piece without paying it once. Maybe not all the way through, but gotta sit down and play it. Now, it might be by a terrible or unknown composer, and some would say,”it’s by Danzi, it sucks.” Well, so? Maybe it does suck. Danzi was a mediocre composer. But maybe it doesn’t suck. Maybe it’s worthwhile, as recital filler, or as a rare gem from a mediocrity. But if I play it, I’ll know. As another surprisingly similar example, the widow of a local cellist gave me some of her late husband’s music, including an untouched piece he bought 50+ years ago. So rare there’s only one lonely YouTube audio, and the music is long out of print and the publisher is itself long out of business. I played it and said, “this is an incredible piece.” And it is. So this piece is Yaz. The previous owner never bothered to play it, and I did, and I get the benefit. If he’d played lit, maybe he’d have hated it, maybe not. But he never gave it a chance.
    • Well let’s remember that a lot of parts of that system that are good were here before Elias got here.
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