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Serious question: could Means become a TOR starter?

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24 minutes ago, jamalshw said:

The results for much of last year put him there and he has a bit more velocity along with a solid end in 2020. That said, I'm very hesitant to go there. I would honestly be quite happy if he gives us a solid mid-rotation option for the next several years. That would allow him to be a dependable anchor in the rotation as Akin and Kremer get a full year next year and we start introducing Hall and Grayson to the mix in the next couple seasons (along with Baumann, Lowther, Smith, etc.).


Yea, if he's not a "TOR starter," that's okay. Nobody thought he was anything as a prospect before 2019. Even if he's not a TOR, he's got a pretty comfortable shot at being a 2 or 3 for a contending team. Combine that with Kremer (maybe a 3 or 4 on a good team?) and Akin (maybe a 4 or 5?), then Hall/GrayRod (who both have TOR potential), as you mentioned, and you have the foundation of a really strong rotation.

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All stats aside, let’s not forget Means had a personal tragedy happen in his life during the season which i’m sure had some effect on his performance, these guys aren’t robots.

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On 9/27/2020 at 8:56 AM, Frobby said:

I take your point about getting deep into games.   I was watching in the 6th, Means still working on a no hitter at the time and Garceau mentioned he was at 93 pitches.    How does your pitch count get that high when you’ve allowed one baserunner and still working in the 6th?  

Foul balls are up 12% over the last 20 years and foul outs are down about 25%.

Foul territory has shrunk a lot over the past quarter-century at the same time the stigma against strikeouts is lower than ever, so pitch counts are being driven by ever-increasing foul balls.  Hit all the fouls you want, it's rarely an out with the stands tightly hugging the foul lines.

Another reason balls in play are down so much, there's probably 10-15% less "in play" than in the 1980s.

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I really like what I see from Means.  I think of him as emerging as a 2 - a top 25-50 SP with some consistency.  

He has been wicked good the past month.  I like that he and his wife are both driven to be so good at their craft and are so competitive.  One can count on Means maximizing his stuff through hard work, desire and dedication.  

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    • I don’t disagree with that at all, the reason I don’t understand this decision is because as has been mentioned you could get a better catcher than Severino for less money, but mainly, on defense, which is really what we need from catcher at the moment, neither of our catchers is worthwhile. Neither of them calls a good game neither of them frames very well, neither has what it needs to help the pitching. On offense, they each have major issues. I Personally would’ve gotten rid of Sisco long time ago, but I understand why he’s still here. But then why keep Severino? It doesn’t seem to make sense. The main thing is to help the pitching and neither of them does that.
    • Well, I did not expect you to agree with me.  But the facts are what the facts are.
    • If his salary is in the 7 figure range, he isn’t an Os target.
    • Mullins isn’t good.  Please stop talking about him like playing him a lot is a good idea. I don’t care what Hyde said publicly.  Every manager says stuff like that.  It’s meaningless talk.
    • Sure but that doesn’t mean you don’t play him everyday to make sure the light bulb doesn’t turn on.  He would hardly be the first player to take some time to get going and given how they have handled him and given him inconsistent at bats, it’s not surprising he has struggled. They don’t care about winning anyway, so play the young guy and see if he start to hit like he did for his pro career.
    • “Eddie Rosario is a good enough player to have his flaws scrutinized. He doesn’t reach base enough and he doesn’t add much outside of his pop. But that power has been consistent, and it makes him an above-average performer. Some within the game even believe that his production isn’t that far off from his projected salary. However, the Twins have Alex Kirilloff waiting in the wings. He’ll be paid near the league minimum. Meanwhile, Rosario will cost nearly $10 million. That’s a decent chunk of change for a team that could throw that money toward their pitching needs. Barring a surprise trade, Rosario is a good bet to enter the free agent pool.”
    • It seemed last year that the more Hyde played Mullins in center the more he liked him.    Mullins began the season with very little success in the majors in his passed two seasons.   But Mullins got a chance in August when Hays got hurt.  He did pretty well and end up getting 89 plate appearances in September. Its a SSS but in 2020 he had a 305/348/448/796 vs RHP.   And by the end of the season Hyde was saying Mullins should be considered for a Gold Glove.   That is coming a long way in a short period of time.   However, he did not hit lefties well.  Is the 38 PA he got he had a .216 OBP.  And getting on base and using his speed is his game. So going in to 2021 I think Hyde sees Mullins as his centerfield vs righties and  a his defensive CF when the team is protecting a lead in the late innings.    This put Hays in LF vs righties and in CF vs lefties.  That is good for several reasons.  1) Hopefully there a less of a chance of Hays getting hurt in left compared to CF.  2) It puts the O's two rangiest outfielders in the field together which is good for the defense. There is still a small amount of outfield playing time in LF vs lefties.   Diaz when is comes up will probably spell the outfielders in RF/LF and  DH.   He can play vs lefties in LF.   Until Diaz is promoted Mountcastle can move to left vs lefties.   Mancini can move to 1B and that opens DH for someone to hit vs lefties.   Maybe Urias or Stewart who does have some reverse splits.  Or Stewart could just play left for lefties.   But it is a small amount of at bat vs lefties for a short period of time. JMO  
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