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Serious question: could Means become a TOR starter?

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24 minutes ago, jamalshw said:

The results for much of last year put him there and he has a bit more velocity along with a solid end in 2020. That said, I'm very hesitant to go there. I would honestly be quite happy if he gives us a solid mid-rotation option for the next several years. That would allow him to be a dependable anchor in the rotation as Akin and Kremer get a full year next year and we start introducing Hall and Grayson to the mix in the next couple seasons (along with Baumann, Lowther, Smith, etc.).


Yea, if he's not a "TOR starter," that's okay. Nobody thought he was anything as a prospect before 2019. Even if he's not a TOR, he's got a pretty comfortable shot at being a 2 or 3 for a contending team. Combine that with Kremer (maybe a 3 or 4 on a good team?) and Akin (maybe a 4 or 5?), then Hall/GrayRod (who both have TOR potential), as you mentioned, and you have the foundation of a really strong rotation.

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All stats aside, let’s not forget Means had a personal tragedy happen in his life during the season which i’m sure had some effect on his performance, these guys aren’t robots.

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On 9/27/2020 at 8:56 AM, Frobby said:

I take your point about getting deep into games.   I was watching in the 6th, Means still working on a no hitter at the time and Garceau mentioned he was at 93 pitches.    How does your pitch count get that high when you’ve allowed one baserunner and still working in the 6th?  

Foul balls are up 12% over the last 20 years and foul outs are down about 25%.

Foul territory has shrunk a lot over the past quarter-century at the same time the stigma against strikeouts is lower than ever, so pitch counts are being driven by ever-increasing foul balls.  Hit all the fouls you want, it's rarely an out with the stands tightly hugging the foul lines.

Another reason balls in play are down so much, there's probably 10-15% less "in play" than in the 1980s.

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I really like what I see from Means.  I think of him as emerging as a 2 - a top 25-50 SP with some consistency.  

He has been wicked good the past month.  I like that he and his wife are both driven to be so good at their craft and are so competitive.  One can count on Means maximizing his stuff through hard work, desire and dedication.  

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    • Can't say I was expecting that. Good for him.
    • https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-gold-glove-finalists
    • Here's a little sidies gift! Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks Full Album. Tragically sad record. EVERY song is about how bad love can go... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUmrHb1IgTQ  
    • On a mind tangent from ^^^that^^^ I thought of this. (don't ask...) I have a copy of Woodstock, WHOLE 3 hours, I got free from youboob. Years ago. I was watching this song especially. This video just has a picture, but in the movie you can see Richie playing... weirdly. He wraps his thumb way up over the top of the neck, playing 2 or 3 strings with it in a straight bridge. So I knew he had some funky tuning on the guitar. There's one point where he breaks a string onstage and fixes it. When he gets done you can see and hear him tuning it. So I tuned my guit like that and this song just fell into my lap! I knew how to play it before I played a note. Just immediately started playing this!    
    • Heard of piece of music in a silly video that reminded me of this. Years ago I bought a mandolin from a friend of my dad's, to try to learn to play this. Then I found out how a mandolin is tuned... COMPLETELY different from a guitar. Chords, scale are all COMPLETELY different. Would have been like starting from scratch to learn. I didn't have the energy to do it, not for one song anyways...  
    • I remember it now, especially with the video clip that SteveA provided.  I remember watching replay after replay and never feeling sure about whether it had hit the pole or not. There was a play this past season where Santander hit one that barely grazed the right field foul pole at Philadelphia.  The first base ump initially called it foul, but with no fans in the stands, you could hear a metallic sound as the ball touched the pole, and Ben McDonald immediately said "What'd that hit?"  The play was reviewed and eventually ruled to be a home run.  I'm not sure whether the replay officials in New York made their ruling because they had access to audio and could hear the ball hit the pole, or because they were able to detect a deflection in the ball's path. Too bad there were 50,000 fans yelling at Yankee Stadium in 2012 and nobody could hear whether McLouth's ball hit the pole.
    • These little tidbits are nice, but Blood has been giving company line on guys so far in most interviews. Take the glowing reports with a grain of salt. Not saying these guys aren't looking good, but let's not get too excited based off these comments. Saying that, I've heard similar things about Henderson and Westburg. Big, athletic players that bring multiple tools to the field.
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