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And So it Ends 9/27/2020 Orioles @ Buffalo

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11 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

Great catch by Stewart, non-goober outfielder.

Hopefully everyone saw that.

The Stewart catch is up at MLB.com if anyone wants to watch it again.


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Just now, MurphDogg said:

If Gurriel hadn't been jogging he might have gotten an extra based on the bobble.


Just now, SteveA said:

If Gurriel had hustled he might have made 3rd when Hays couldn't pick up the ball right away.

Hays was just baiting him trying to rack up another assist.

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3 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

If Gurriel hadn't been jogging he might have gotten an extra based on the bobble.

Gurriel putting on a clinic in lackadaisical baserunning.

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4 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Not quite as good a catch as Stevie Wilkerson's in RF on the last day of the season last year.

Just a year ago but seems forever.  Gary Thorne on the call, fans in the stands...


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So if I understand it correctly Toronto will be the #8 seed and go to Tampa unless they win, and the Yankees lose.  Then Toronto would be the 5 seed and play the AL Central runner-up, and the Yankees would be the 8 seed.

Marlins just went up 3-0 on the Yankees.

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7 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Crazy how Sisco starts hot every year and then cools off.

Still had a better year than Severino.

His defense has looked better to me, but that may be affected by my seeing a lot of Severino's defense.

Is Rutschman expected to be a true switch-hitter,  equally effective (or close to it) from both sides, or does he have a strong side that should be taken in to account when thinking about back-up catchers?

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    • I am very excited about him. All I’m saying is there is no way he is up in 2022 unless it’s to join a contender. 
    • 1). Teams did do that.  He didn’t exactly fare well against the best teams this year.  He may have gone through a lot of good teams in 2019 but that did have something to do with the league adjusting but there were also teams that fared well as well. 2) I don’t he has a great supporting cast but I think he has as good a supporting cast as someone like Brady had in his last few years in NE.  In other words, I think the supporting cast is good enough that an elite passer can win with them. 3) The chiefs aren’t more talented than the Ravens as an overall roster but Mahomes makes up for so much more. 4). More weapons and a better scheme could certainly make a world of difference for him...or maybe it won’t.  But I want to see those things before paying him.
    • He shouldn't start his decline until after the O's trade him in his arb 2 season.
    • I hope not that would be moronic, you are just wasting his prime  years as a catcher. You know then he wouldn't come up until May at age 25 at that point, so his first full season would be 26. 
    • I do think they should look to trade him at the deadline or next offseason if he has a bounceback year as he will be a free agent after 2022 and I don't think the O's will aim to be competitive until 2023. There is no way that they could get reasonable value at this point and the PR hit would be huge. Also it is better for him to get back to baseball here where he is comfortable and not have the added pressure of adjusting to a new team.
    • If we're punting 2022, getting Trey to a better team is a kindness. I certainly picture him here working off the rust this year, and hopefully with health being back to some kind of plus for a better 2022 team.   Kjerstad has some catching up to do, but it isn't inconceivable sometime NEXT summer RMC/Hays/Kjerstad/Santander/Diaz can all outplay him for that 5/9ths of the lineup. Like Cruz/Ozuna, you kind of imagine his market value floats some depending how NL DH turns out. Good Trey could get himself some numbers inheriting that Donaldson/Ozuna seat behind Acuna/Albies/Freeman, but then there's the whole getting non-tendered thing. I think this and Santander is more teams trying to squeeze the Rosario, Pederson and DuValls of the world.
    • I’m skeptical anything comes of this. The O’s are unlikely to just give him away yet the Braves are unlikely to give anything of value for a player coming off cancer. Probably just Braves seeing how desperate we are to cut costs. 
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