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And So it Ends 9/27/2020 Orioles @ Buffalo

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11 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

Great catch by Stewart, non-goober outfielder.

Hopefully everyone saw that.

The Stewart catch is up at MLB.com if anyone wants to watch it again.


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Just now, MurphDogg said:

If Gurriel hadn't been jogging he might have gotten an extra based on the bobble.


Just now, SteveA said:

If Gurriel had hustled he might have made 3rd when Hays couldn't pick up the ball right away.

Hays was just baiting him trying to rack up another assist.

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3 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

If Gurriel hadn't been jogging he might have gotten an extra based on the bobble.

Gurriel putting on a clinic in lackadaisical baserunning.

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4 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Not quite as good a catch as Stevie Wilkerson's in RF on the last day of the season last year.

Just a year ago but seems forever.  Gary Thorne on the call, fans in the stands...


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So if I understand it correctly Toronto will be the #8 seed and go to Tampa unless they win, and the Yankees lose.  Then Toronto would be the 5 seed and play the AL Central runner-up, and the Yankees would be the 8 seed.

Marlins just went up 3-0 on the Yankees.

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7 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Crazy how Sisco starts hot every year and then cools off.

Still had a better year than Severino.

His defense has looked better to me, but that may be affected by my seeing a lot of Severino's defense.

Is Rutschman expected to be a true switch-hitter,  equally effective (or close to it) from both sides, or does he have a strong side that should be taken in to account when thinking about back-up catchers?

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    • The blue minor 7th's in that, Bessie AND Louis, just raise goosebumps on my arms!
    • If 2022 is like 2012, and Gunnar Henderson plus one whole summer of "Skill Development" can approach Machado's precocity. I do hope the need to slide to 3B is for something a bit more fun than JJ Hardy though! If Henderson can outplay Westburg for the Baysox SS gig and hold his own at 19/20 in AA, I don't know where else but the next year picture there is to go (we do like AAA MVP awards though). With all the thoroughbred hype, an Aberdeen/Delmarva starting assignment pair for these two is "C'mon man" material.   Vavra was a college guy who went to the Sally and was MVP, but he was a 3rd rounder. I grant AA for either of them is a big ask, but don't know how you work it if you think both are SS and need the game reps.
    • I didn't watch him last year but he had a serious decline in defensive value last year after being one of the best the years before. Now again, maybe something was bothering him or maybe he put on some weight and has it off now, i don't know. I'm not necessarily against this move, and I don't really think Martin or Urias are every day SS at the big league level, but I guess I also don't see him as being a big help. But, as it's been pointed out, it's pretty clear that winning ball games is not a huge priority for Elias yet.
    • If Galvis’ glove is as bad as you say then he may not last half a season before Martin is up. They have to think he is superior to Martin. Will find out. 
    • How is he the same as Iglesias defensively?  Galvis had a -3 OAA and -4% success added at SS last year compared to Igelisas at 3 OAA and 5% SA. That's a 6 OAA difference and 9% success added  difference.  If you wanted those numbers defensively I think Sanchez or Martin could have done that. Heck, maybe even Urias.  Now, he was much better in 2019 and 2018, so why the big drop off? I worry when players entering the season at 31 and coming off a big drop in defensive ability. Now maybe something was bothering him, I don't know, and I guess he's cheap enough, but those statcast offensive numbers are pretty putrid and if he's not going to bring a great glove, then why not give those PAs to Martin or even Urias? I guess in a year where it probably doesn't matter, I just don't see how this upgrades us all that much.
    • Of course they will play the service time game with him.    Only way I could see any scenario he could be up is a Manny type situation. Club is somehow in contention and has a hole to fill. 
    • Well if he hits a legit .400 as you suggested this year... I wouldn't bank on him being up by 2022, but it's possible.  He'd be 21 in June of 2022.  He'd have to have an outstanding 2021 minor league season and carry it over to the start of 2022 in order to get promoted.  I'm sure we'll hear CoC's thoughts on the Orioles gaming his service clock at some point. All depends on how well he does.  But I do think that if he's up in 2022, that's a good thing...means he's turned into a stud.
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