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Roch on Fall Instructional League

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    • I think they know right now that Baumann is likely to be a reliever but that they will try him as a starter. You are ignoring too many things though: 1) They cut back on Wells' innings.  He was pitching multiple innings early on but they made him a 1 inning guy.  That isn't really an indication that they are going to extend him the next year. 2) He hasn't pitched starter innings since 2018.  That's a long time ago.   3) Baumann, coming off an elbow injury, was still kept as a starter and was Brought up to the majors to start.  They didn't put him in the pen.  They didn't reduce his innings as the year went on.   These are all signs that point to Wells as a reliever being close to set in stone.  I agree that he should be given a chance to start but the obviously the Os feel differently.  I mean, there is literally not one shred of evidence out there that says the O's believe in him as a starter.
    • If he develops into a guy who can play a good LF, hit lots of line drives in the gaps, get on base and run well then he doesn’t really need to hit a lot of home runs to be a success. Sounds like a future 1/2 hitter to me. Let Mayo drive him in 
    • Do  you think they know what they are going to do with Mike Baumann?    Is he a starter or a two pitch reliever?    Tyler may have more quality pitches than Baumann. That's one of the reasons I think they sort it out in the spring.
    • What a great view. Can really see how his pitches move side to side. He can cut the ball in on LH hitters or run it away from them. Obviously also true against righties. That's such an important weapon to get both LH and RH hitters out. A lot of guys don't have that in their arsenal.  
    • I went with DL Hall. I think he’d be ahead of Mayo and Cowser if not for his injury issues
    • I don’t disagree but I also think it’s been obvious for a while what they were going to do with him and that being a starter isnt the way they are going with him.
    • I don't necessarily disagree with this. I guess I'm just saying that you really want to build arm strength and resilience over time. If he's a starter, he'd almost always have to be on a short leash. On the other hand, at least he'd be on a predictable schedule and given regular rest, which may not be possible in a bullpen role. I'm just saying his health needs to be nurtured and they should pick the best role for that. 
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