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2020 Top Prospects List

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    • My kids now will sometimes complain about the quality of the pitch where they have a soccer game because it's **shudder** grass with a few bare spots or weeds.  Even St. Mary's County stepped up in the last year and put in two really nice turf fields, not the 1988 Royals Stadium stuff, but the modern thick cushiony stuff that you wear normal cleats on and that drains in minutes after a huge downpour. We had a tournament over Columbus Day weekend in Manassas and the goalposts were rusty and needed a coat of paint.  Can you imagine having people over with the place in such a condition?  The embarrassment...
    • We have space for 15ish players and we have only talked about protecting around 7-10 guys...so yes, they easily have space. Of course, you do have to be able to field a ML team and dropping one of these kids off the 40 man exposes them in a way they don’t have to stay on the roster, like you do with the rule 5.  So, it could end up being riskier you put them on the 40 man now.     That being said, I think we have the room to make sure you don’t lose anyone you could regret.
    • I don't know what to say without seeing him, but I doubt he is protected. And even if he is picked, I doubt he would stick for the entire year. That said, if he really has turned some corners, then there is room. It may be at the expense of another prospect, though. 
    • Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but I didn’t see it. Was two weeks before this thread.  
    • And the Rays announcers are really good. Much better than the buffoons who chatter during Os games
    • This is a really gripping series. I’ve never been so engaged by two teams I don’t really care about... although I want the Rays to win, of course. The Dodgers and Nats are the evil children of the NL.
    • It is in the last 30 seconds of this 50-minute podcast, but FWIW they had the Hartford (Rockies AA) play by play guy as a guest Nevin expert, and skimming Vavra at the end he said he thought Vavra would have had a good chance to make the Yard Goats this year (i.e., do the Low-A to AA double bump in 2020). The other Nevin nuggets were August 2019 Eastern League Player of the Month, and giving the near 1B only 2019 positional context as in part being driven by having Colton Welker as a teammate.    
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